Armenian Art Library (Alphabetical list)

ABC in pictures (in Armenian)
About archetypes symbolism of Trident (in Russian)
About the cultural communications of proto Armenians with Iranians and Indians, Egyptians and inhabitants of the Old Europe (in Russian)
About model of searching, identification, measurement and valuation of the main source of human identity.
CISENP – International Scientific Commission “The Intellectual and Spiritual Expressions of Non-Literate Peoples” COLLOQUIUM UISPP-CISENP, 22-23 Oct. 2007
(in English)
Academy and Cadmus: the Dwelling of God - the Temple of Knowledge in Armenia. (in Russian , in Armenian, in English)
All Arts of Mortals from One Teacher Spring (in English and in Russian)
Alpha and Omega of Jupiter Dolichen, Zeus, Shamash, Shivini, Mitra, Auramazda, Aramazda and Odin (in Russian) New
An additional scientific validation of the facts given by medieval Armenian historians M. Khorenatsi and O. Draskhanakerttsi
Anania Shirakatsi (in Armenian)
Ara Sarksyan and Hakob Kojoyan House-Museum (in English and Russian)
Ar As Tvats (or the universal paradigm of cognitive frames in the Armenian language) (in Russian)
Archeoastronomy in Armenia (in Russian)
Armenian Art and Culture in Internet (in Russian)
Armenian Carpets
Armenian Culture (in Russian, in Armenian)
Armenian Hieroglyphs and Letters (in Armenian)
Armenian Hieroglyphs as a Universal Language of Symbols (in Armenian, Russian and English)
Armenian King Artashes I (in Russian)
Armenian Language (in Armenian, Russian and English)
Armenian language in numbers, Grabar as a law, the origin of language and Holy Bible
(in Armenian, resume in Russian and English)
Armenian Miniatures
Armenian Ornamental Arts. Graphic Design. Collection of Ornaments (in Armenian and English)
Armenian Pleistocene Rock Art as Origin of the Universal Visual Motifs of the Indo-European Myths.
IFRAO Congress pléistocene art of the world, September 2010 – Symposium: Signs, symbols, myth, ideology… (Pre-Acts), Ariège - Pyrénées, France.
L’art rupestre arménien du Pléistocène comme origine des motifs visuels universels des mythes indo-européens. (in English)
Armenian Rock Arts (in Russian)
Armenian Rock Arts indicate that the Earth gave birth to the Moon in the throes (in Russian)
Armenian Rock Art (in Russian)
Armenian Design (in Russian)
Armenian Design (in Armenian)
Armenian style in medieval relief ornamentation with animals and floral motives.
Collection of scientific articles "Kantegh", Astghik, Yerevan, 2011, 2 (47), pages 208-217 (in Russian)
Armenian Symbols (in Armenian)
Armenian Tales
Armenian eyes (in Armenian)
"Armenia, open your eyes ". The Ararat mountains and the Armenian language are cradle and storehouse of proto knowledges of 50000-years cultural heritage (in Russian)
Avag shabat - the book for coloring (in Armenian)
Catholicos of All Armenians His Holliness Garegin B. (in Armenian and English)
Cave Painting in Armenia (in Russian , resume in Armenian)
Caucasian winners and the Great Pyramid (in Russian)

Celebration of the Proclamation of Christianity as the State Religion of Armenia (in Armenian and English)

Cognitive Analysis of the Mythical and Poetic Pre-Representations of the Theory of the “Main Myth” (in Russian and in English) New

Cognitive Aspects of the Concept “Home” (in Russian and in English) New

Cognitive Meaning, Form and Conceptual Content of the Notion "Caucasus" (in Russian and in English) New
Comparative computer analysis and interpretation of cognitive clusters based on mythological, historical, linguistic, archeological, religious and worldview data (the genesis of knowledge)
Confirming of Noah's History (in Armenian)
Continuing conversation... to memories of His Holiness Karekin I Catholicos of all Armenians (in Armenian)
Correlations in the Origin of the Armenian Pictograms and the Ancient World Writing Systems (in Armenian and English)
Digital Educational Art in Armenia 2004 (in Armenian)
East Armenian Language for E-Education (in three languages - Armenian, Russian and English, multimedia)
Ecumenical Trends in the Armenian Church
brief observations, Halle-Wittenberg, January, 1998
Er and Van (Er and One) (in Russian)
Eros on the Armenian Rocks (in Russian)
Erwand Bichakchyan's Art Gallery.  (in Armenian and in English)
Essays on Philosophy of Antiquity (in Armenian)

Four elements in names Vahagn, Zeus and Yahwe (in Russian)

Formerly Unknown Signals of the Perishing (in Russian)
Frigg, Astghik and the Goddess of the Crete Island (in Russian and in English)

From Bagaran and Bagarat to Baku (from Vahagn to"sun" and God) (in Russian)

From Vani to Van and Aya (from the Van Kingdom of Urartu to Colchis, the Van region of Georgia) (in Russian)

From Van to Vatican (in Russian)
Gospel from Vae (in Russian)
Grighor Zohrab-140 (in Armenian and English)
Herodotus about Armenia (in Russian)
Historical Environment of Origin of Armenians (in Armenian)
How old are we? Hypothesis about Origin of Armenians (in Russian)
How old the Armenian People (in Russian)
Independence and Freedom (linguistic and historical origins, formation, conception) (in Russian and in English)
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Van (in Russian)
Introducing the World Archives of Rock Art (WARA):
50.000 years of visual arts.
E. Anati, Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici
(in English)
"Karedaran" - The Database of Armenian Rock Art (Tracce #12, Online Bulletin is proposed by Footsteps of Man)
Karedaran - Museum of Rock Art Treasure (in Russian)
King's praying (in Russian)
Knarik Khartavagyan's poetry (in Russian)
Knarik Khartavagyan's poetry. "Easter song" (in Russian)
Linguistic Data on Old Armenian and Norse Intercultural Communication and the House of Being (in Russian and in English)
Lord Byron and the Armenians
Management and Culture (in Russian)
Modern Architecture of Armenia (in Russian)
Mysterious Ararat. Biblical and linguistic observation (in Russian)
Myth of Aram in the Context of Indo-European Mythology and the Problem of the Armenian Ethnogenesis (in Armenian)
New Art - Armenian Flowers
New Art - New Mission - New Vision - from Araratian Mountains (Armenia)
New Art on the base of the Rock-Carved pictures of the Geghamian Mountains by vision of Vahanyan G., Ghazaryan M. and Vahanyan V.
New Art on the base of the Armenian Rock Arts by vision
of Vahanyan G. , Ghazaryan M. and Vahanyan V.
New Art - Graphic Design - Collection of Ornaments by vision of Vahanyan V.
New Content of Understanding the Indo-European Original Homeland (Urheimat)(Comparative Analysis of Cognitive, Historical, Linguistic, Mythological, Philosophical, Archeological and Religious Data) (in Russian and in English)
Old Yerevan (in Russian)
On ways of the main dream (in Armenian)
On ways of upright society (in Armenian)
Ornaments in the World (in Russian)
Overcome the Deadlock (in Russian)
Poetry of Anush Davtyan (in Armenian)
Portrayal of the Armenian Genocide in the Encyclopedia Britannica
Practical Heuristics Manual (in Russian)
Proposal - Alarm by L.Sedrakyan (in Armenian)
Republic of Armenia Vayots Dzor Regional Museum of Yeghegnadzor (in Armenian and in English)
Research the Theory of the Antique and Medieval Periods (in Russian)
Rock Art Photo Gallery from Syunik ( Sisian )
Sargis Pitsak (in Armenian)
Searches for the heritage of protocivilization (in Russian, in English, in Armenian), published on "ArtePreistorica" Rock Art Review in English, on "" N7, 2003 in Russian
Searches for protocivilization (Rock Arts, the Processes of Learning and Thinking)
"World of Rock Arts". Papers presented at the International Conference. Edited by E.Devlet - Moscow Institute of Archeology RAS
(in Russian)
Second Ecumenical European Assembly
Opening Speech of His Holiness KAREKIN I Catholicos of all Armenians
Secrets of the old Sinay Symbols (in Armenian)
Serik  S. Davtyan biobibliography (in Armenian and Russian)
Six days of creation and seventh day: biblical and linguistic observations (in Russian)
16 Wonders of World Visual Art (in Russian and in English)
Sphinxes and dragons (in Russian)
Stone Ancestor of Bible (in Russian and English)
Stones addressed, the Discovery of the Armenian Scientists (in Russian)
Stone Annals of Civilization (in Russian, in Armenian)
Structure of Armenian Alfabet (in Armenian)
The Araratian Mountains and the System Factors of the Origin of the Main Motives of the Indo-European Mythology (in Russian)
The Architect Hovhannes Qajaznuni (in Armenian)
The Armenian Genocide in the Memoirs and Turkish-language songs of the eyewithness survivors
The Armenian Costume Taraz (in Armenian)
The Armenian Costume Taraz 19-20th century (in Armenian)
The Armenian Rock Art: the Origin of Natural Philosophy and Metaphysics (in Russian and in English)
The Armenian Vahagn and the Egyptian Horus (in Russian)
The Art of Hasmik Hovhannisyan (in Armenian, Russian, English)
The Basics of Composition in Applied Graphics (Teaching aid in Russian)
The Basics of Etiquette (in Armenian)
The Book of Stars (Tracce #12, Online Bulletin is proposed by Footsteps of Man)
The Cross in the Armenian Rock Art. The History of the Development of Form and Cultural Influence (part 1, part 2, in Russian)
The Depiction of Vahagn on a Bazalt Stele in the Context of Worldview of Askanaz and Torgom (in Russian and in English)
The early images of Fish, Vishap, Dragon and Snake in Armenian Rock Art (VII-V millenia B.C.)
The First Man. From Vahagn to Van, from Hayk to Shivini (in Russian)
The First Temple of Knowledge or the Abode of God (cognitive reconstruction of the genesis of knowledge).
The History of Philosophy (in Armenian)
The History of World Art (in Armenian, resume in French)
The Impact of Ancient Armenian Traditions and Worldview on the Cognitive Core of Nordic Culture (in Russian and in English)
The legendary contribution of the Armenians in the history of creating of the national alphabets in the world (in Russian and in English) New
The Methodology of Research of Material and Non-material Heritage on the Basis of Rock Arts Synergy and Speeches (in Russian)
The Miniatures of Vaspurakan (in Armenian)
The Most Ancient Petroglyphs of Armenia (in Russian)
The Motives of Heavenly and Earthly Temples in the Armenian Art (in Russian)
The Motif of the Depiction of Cadmus Fighting the Dragon on the Greek Krater Has Ancient Armenian Roots (in Russian and in English)
The motives of Falcon, King Skorpion and “Sacred Lizard” are originated in Armenia (V -IV millenia B.C.) (in Russian)
The New Found Pictograms of Aparan (in Armenian, resume in Russian)
The Old Armenian Language Classic "Grabar" is considered to Be as the Origin
of All Old and Modern Languages
(in Armenian, Russian and English)
The Oral Tradition of the Western Armenians (in Armenian and English)
The Project Dedicated to Organization of Scientific Research Expedition to Tatev (Syuhik) (in Russian)
The Rock Arts of the Armenian Elevation are the Primary Source of the Armenian, Egyptian, Indian and Hettitian Ideograms (Hieroglyphs) (in Russian and English)
The Rock Art of the Mt. Aragats System (in English)
The Rock Аrts of Armenian Highland.
"World of Rock Arts ". Papers presented at the International Conference. Edited by E.Devlet - Moscow Institute of Archeology RAS
(in Russian)
The Rock Astronomical Pictures (in Armenian and Russian)
The Rock Carved pictures of the Geghamian Mountains
The Rock-Carved pictures of the Geghamian Mountains (in Armenian)
The Rock Carvings of Navasar ( Nakhijevan ) (in Armenian)
The Rock Carvings of Syunik ( Ughtasar )
The Rock Carvings of the Gegham mountains
The Role of Rock Art Clusters in Mythology, Religion and Magic: the Concept of the Knowledge Spiral. EXPRESSION N°10. Quaterly e-journal of Atelier in Cooperation with UISPP-CISNEP. International Scientific Commission on the Intellectual and Spiritual Expressions of non-literate Peoples, December 2015.
The Secret of the Left City (in Armenian)
The State of Research in Rock Art
The Synergy of Cultures of Archeo-linguistic and Armenian Rock Arts (in Russian)
The Tablet of Shamash and the Principles of Natural Philosophy (in Russian and in English) New
The Unique Rock Arts of Natural Disasters (Artifacts of the Egyptian King Scorpion Again Lead to the Old Armenia) (in Russian)
The Vanakat - Obsidian (in Russian)
The Word of the Armenian Rock Arts. 8000 years of Armenian Description of Eden (in Armenian)
Treasures of Armenian Church (in Russian, Armenian and English)
25 amazing facts «The Telegraph» probably didn’t know about Armenia (in Russian and in English)
Universal artifacts of the Indo-European myth found of Armenian Rock Arts
The main idea - to build a house, to light the hearth and planting a tree
(in Russian)
Universal Rock Arts Language
Vahagn (from Van and Vahe) is the archetype of Yahweh (in Russian)
Vahe, Van and Vahagn are sources of Triumvirate (in Russian)
Vanakvisl - Tanakvisl - Tiwanaku - Devanagari (in Russian)
Vanaland, Scandinavia and Russia (The path to self-knowledge) (in Russian)
Vatican and Vaspurakan (in Russian)
Venice and the Armenians (in Armenian)
Via Crucis (S.S. Karekin I)
Volcanic Eruptions from Mountains of Ararat till Alps, Indo-European Myths, Rock Art and Iconography. Convegno internazionale, L’ARTE RUPESTRE DELLE ALPI, Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici, Capo di Ponte - Valcamonica, 21-24 ottobre 2010
World costumes (in Armenian)
Why some people like and don't like the Armenians? (in Armenian)
XXVI Valcamonica Symposium "Prospects on prehistoric art research: 50 years since the founding of the Centro Camuno”, 9–12 September 2015, Italy. Armenian Rock Art as Visual Knowledge for Understanding the History of Civilization in Asia, Europe and Scandinavia.
XXV Valcamonica Symposium “Art as a Source of History”, 20–26 September 2013, Italy. The Cross, the Swastika, the Star of David, and the Eight-Pointed Star in the Rock Art of Armenia. The History of Motifs and their Cultural Influence.
XXIV Valcamonica Symposium "Art and Communication in pre literacy societies", 13 - 18 July 2011, Italy. Araratian rock art as a paradigm of communication and visual arts in the past and future. (in English)
XXIII Valcamonica Symposium "Making history of prehistory, the role of rock art", 28 October - 2 November 2009, Italy. Intercultural relations between Old Europe and Old Armenia. (in English)
XXIII Valcamonica Symposium "Making history of prehistory, the role of rock art", 28 October - 2 November 2009, Italy. The epistemology and the linguistic-historical comparative analysis of the Armenian and world rock art and visual artifacts. (in English)
XXIII Valcamonica Symposium 2009, Capo di Ponte, October 28 – November 2, 2009, Prehistoric and Tribal Art, "Making history of Prehistory, the role of Rock Art". ≈ 10 000 B.C. Mount ArArAt. Rock Arts [presentation, ppt, animation]
XXIII Valcamonica Symposium 2009, Capo di Ponte, October 28 – November 2, 2009, Prehistoric and Tribal Art, "Making history of Prehistory, the role of Rock Art". Conclusions, Recommendations and Deliberations.
(in English, in French)
XXII Valcamonica Symposium 2007 18th – 24th May
Rock Art in the Frame of the Cultural Heritage of Humankind
Vahanyan G. Armenian Rock Art
(in English, ppt)

"ARMENIAN ROCK ART – INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL OF PREHISTORIC CIVILIZATION" (Monograph in 2 volumes: volume I – 413 p., volume II – 477 p.; authors: Vahan Vahanyan, Grigori Vahanyan). July 2017, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany.
“ARMENIAN STYLE (ORIGIN, DESIGN AND ORNAMENTAL ART)” (Monograph, authors: Vahan Vahanyan, Grigori Vahanyan). March 2017, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany.
“ARMENIAN ROCK ART – VIRTUAL TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE” (Monograph, authors: Vahan Vahanyan, Grigori Vahanyan). March 2017, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany.

Multilingual Online Dictionaries
Republican National Children's Library named Khnko-Aper (in Armenian)
First Armenian Multilingual electronic database (Armenian-English-Russian)


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