Armenian Hieroglyphs

Correlations in the Origin of the Armenian Pictograms and the Ancient World Writing Systems (in Armenian and English)
The Armenian Hierogliphs (in Armenian)
The Armenian Rock Arts on the Basis of Hieroglyphs
(in Armenian, Russian and English)
Armenian hieroglyphs online writer (Article in Russian and resume in English)
Online Armenian hieroglyphs writer (Application in Armenian, Russian and English)
The Rock Arts of the Armenian Elevation are the Primary Source of the Armenian,
Egyptian, Indian and Hettitian Ideograms (Hieroglyphs)
(in English and Russian)
Searches for the heritage of protocivilization (in Armenian, Russian and English)
Stones Addressed, the Discovery of the Armenian Scientists (in Russian) New
Stone Annals of Civilization (in Russian)
The Armenian Symbols (in Armenian)
The Word of the Armenian Rock Arts. 8000 years of Armenian Description of Eden (in Armenian)
Universal Rock Arts Language
Universal Protoarmenian Rock Art Language


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