The brief biography of Grighor Zohrab


     Grighor Zohrab was born in 1861, in Constantinople, Peshiktash quarter. The father - Saraf Khachik     was from average layers of a society, the mother -Eftik Hanum was very clever woman. Initial education      Grighor has received in a local grammar school Makruyan.
       In  1870 after death of the father the mother in second time has married with the famous lawyer and     Grighor with the brother have appeared in Ortagjugh quarter, in a smart apartment of the stepfather. Here   Grighor has done the first creative attempts. He wrote poems, compositions.  

       In 1876 Zohrab has entered in the sole  higher educational institution in Turky in that time - in Liceum Kalatasara, which has opened in 1868 under protection of the French government and direct supervision of the French ambassador in Constantinople.    Here Zohrab studied engineering business. He with excellent knowledge has finished faculty.  
     In 1880 Zohrab was entered to work in the lawyer office of the stepfather as secretary. Simultaneously he has entered in the law faculty of Kalatasara. But soon Liceum was closed.  
     In 1881 in Turky has opened a new higher educational institution - Hugug. Zohrab has continued study in Hugug. Here he studied two years, then has left study, not having taken the diploma. In1884, in Edirne city has passed examinations and has taken the diploma of the lawyer.  

The young creator has  entered into a literary field due to acquaintance with the editor Nikogojos Tjulpenchyan and becomes the employee of his newspaper ,, Lragir. He was only 17, but he was showed as the person anxious by destiny of people  
      Since 1880 Zohrab does the first proof steps in publicism, becoming the member of literary movement, which was headed already by the known young writer and publicist Arpiar Arpiaryan. Zohrab became the active figure of this movement.  
      In 1885 in the magazine "Erkragund" ("Earth") Zohrab has published the first novel - " The missed generation "  

In 1888 Zohrab married with Clara Yutuchyan. In August 1889 the senior son Lewon, in January 1891 - daughter Dolores, in 1892- younger sons Aram and in July 1896 - younger daughter Hermine were born.

     As the writer and publicist Zohrab became known in 1887-1893 years. Then after long silence, since 1898, Zohrab again has entered into a literary field. This time as the known and deserved writer and public figure.  

      In 1909 and 1911 Zohrab issued the short stories - small on the sizes, but with the rich contents real creations of art - in three books: " Sounds of pity " (1909), " The life as is " (1911), " Silent pains "(1911).  
      1894-95 years for western Armenians (living in Turkey) were severe. Have begun and till 1896 mass murders of the Armenians proceeded. All progressive Armenian figures were compelled to leave Turkey and to be based in Europe and Egypt. In this period of national spiritual recession Zohrab has departed  from the literature and actively was engaged in lawyer businesses and important legal proceedings.  
      As the advocate, Zohrab was especially known for the foreign citizen, because perfectly knew French and frequently protected their rights in the First Trade Courts of Turkey.  
      Zohrab was the interpreter and lawyer - adviser of embassy of Russia in Turkey. This circumstance entitled Zohrab to conduct courts of the Russian citizens and freely to move in Europe.  
      In 1892 the literary political magazine "Masis"  was published . The editor was Zohrab. In 1893 magazines was closed.  
     In 1898 "Masis"  was published as the daily newspaper. The editor again was Zohrab. For him the rich creative period  began again.  
     Simultaneously Zohrab was engaged in lawyer business. But in 1906 according to the decree of the minister of Justice Zohrab was forbidden to practice law. The reason became the judicial protection of one Bulgarian revolutionary.  
     In July 1908 in Turkey the Constitution of 1876 was restored. In all empire passed meetings, demonstration of solidarity, brotherhood and equality.  
      At this time Zohrab was in Paris. There he issued the book in French ( on low), hoped to find work by the speciality, and for the future planned with family to move in Egypt.  
      At once after declaration of the Constitution Zohrab with hopes and optimism has returned home.  
      In 1908 Zohrab was elected by the deputy of Turkish Parliament. He actively participated in all parliamentary discussions, achieved to the acceptance of the fair laws. He spoke about himself: " I am the defence counsel for the Constitution ".  
     Zohrab was dear and influential person both in national and in general public - political and cultural life of Turkey.  
     Zohrab was the deputy of the Armenian National Assembly, by which in 1914 was lifted the question on the Armenian reforms in Turkey, according to the decision of the Berlin Congress of 1878
     In January in Constantinopole the contract between Russia and Turkey about the Armenian reforms was signed. The participation Zohrab in this business was resolute.
    But The War  began and agreement has remained on a paper. For Turkey the ideal conditions for realization Genoside of the Armenians were created. In one night (24-th of April) in Constantinopole hundred representatives of the Armenian elite - doctors, lawyers, teacher, writers and so on, was arrested. Zohrab has tried to release innocent in anything the Armenians. He has addressed to the important state persons of Turkey, with some of which he was in the close relations, including with the minister of Internal affairs Talaat Pasha, with the Speaker of Parliament Sajid Halim Pasha. All of them have given positive, encouraging answers.
     Soon Zohrab was arrested too. To him, as other Armenians in Turkey the same destiny expected.
      In July, 1915 Grighor Zohrab was brutally killed by the turkish villains.



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