There are no such things as great or small themes,
ther is only the artist,the creator,who seeks,
by means chosen to sult histemperament and his inner world,
the world of felings and experiences he has lived through.


About the Middle Ages Armenian have constructed invaluable masterpieces. Till now saving I shall sing freshness and brightness; the thinking them is surprising conformable to selections of the modern artists. The tightened feeling of color a stretch(extent) of centuries became one of defining features of the Armenian painting. In a start(! by the begining of) XX centuries the patriarch of the Soviet Armenian art on to a ground has advanced the tendencies of national painting.
The picturesque culture of the Armenian people was exhibited and in articles(workpieces) of the simple peasants, which one constructed every possible subjects of a housekeeping, not thinking about their beauty specially; to construct fine for them as is natural and is simple how to plough ground and to travail children. , weaved by the coarsened arms of the rural women, strike by skill to pick up most unexpected, theoretically,apparently, incompatible colour ratioes, harmony and naturalness to the similar nature; they are so delightful, as the tail units of birds or on flanks of the butterflies are beautiful.
Creativity of the young figures of art a peculiar weather gauge demonstrating a state of this or that national culture. Young specially
Sensitively react to trends of time, their products testify to the most essential and perspective tendencies, visually determine as strong, so occasionally and gentle sides of art looking ups. Acquainting with art of a new generation, with everything, that in a nem is most talented, original, original, it is necessary to experience both innovative spirit and force of traditions, feature of the future and link with past; it is possible to determine, as far as is severe and the heritage of the people masters and in what measure it serves to problems of today. In it, sense creativity of the deserved artist of republic , in which one the features new, explicating, are and logical prolongation of traditions of national art culture, introduces large value in communal progressing of the Soviet Armenian painting. Not without reason wrote: " Will be in our edges visit in gallery, in workshops of the artists. Go, for example, to His cloths are a bright and impressive hymn to the sun, they will tell to you, what fine is appeared by(with) southern edge to eyes of the close traveller ".
was born on July 20, 1928 in distant and and communal by nothing remarkable Armenian by one of few of republic, where there are no historical monuments and special remarkables. However in each house protect any subjects of a housekeeping, article(workpiece) of problem art, ornaments crossing from generation to generation, of product of thin craft reaching large art. In a housekeeping of family many from features were saved, which one by coal tars accrued in the people and specially have taken roots in rural families, here respect the truth, understand and appreciate humour. Operation, bound about ground naturalness and simplicity in circulation educate of the person same hereby, as well as nature, enclosing it(him). Backbone, kind humour, authenticity, which one always feel in the people, bound with ground, characterize also it .
Considerable role in becoming the artist have played Leningrad from it(him) with anything by not comparable charm, and Academy of applied arts. always with thanks recalls the friends on Institute of a name And. Е. , teachers. In. L. In. , which one, training the students to skill, did not foil natural development of their creative personality and talent.
And per student's years, and after a termination of institute went, on much to Armenia, with greed studied the most ancient and modern historical monuments which have incorporated wisdom of the people, his(its) genius, and Armenian miniature, imbibeed an intellectual wealth created by the largest Armenian artists and f
The present discovery as artist has taken place on " to the Exhibition " in Yerevan (1962), where it(he) has faced mature of bright individuality. His(its) products have received the highest estimation(rate) on the part of numerous and . The known French artist at the presence of large group of the visitors of the exhibition and quoters of press has exclaimed: " This artist could rival to best Franciums ". Not , that has age, becomes a history. The best tribute of tradition - to deposit new to add to created by centuries. The tradition - is *least in repetition.
follows traditions of national painting, not turning in , not imitating her(it). But such principles of art thinking, as opened sonorous color, even coordination of a picturesque stress on all room of a cloth, rhythm of lines, static character of the map, peculiar outlook with solutions describing an art system ancient . These features in creativity express in free development of individuality without the claim on a role "" or """. National in art is determined due to bright individualities, however it can not be arrested as once accepted stiffened concept. For the truely talented person, what doubtlessly is , the knowledge of an actuality goes not only and not so much through analysis created by other masters, how many through own, experienced immediate and understanding of life.
It is enough once to visit in to understand, as far as is connected to the native nature and as far as she(it) more other sources promoted birth and becoming of the artist. The nature is severe, is ascetic and even on the maiden view is unattractive. In it(her) purely misses effective , but it is impossible indifferently to drive on close and , it is necessary to stay in delight before and fences, folded more often from of a rock and so draining with the enclosing nature, as if were born together with it(her). Childhood held in a native village, operation in a field under ruthlessly singing rays of the sun, severe delineations of mountains, the stories of the wise old men were not only school of life, but also peculiar school of the art which has formed art the young men.
This foundation which was gobed up in childhood, installs reliance in all experiments н of a selection of the artist. The biotic school promotes creation of products allotted by force of ground and containing that authenticity, which one institutes art of all times, not being by repetition and copying of an actuality. Itself legiblly expresses judgement in this occasion:
" The Artist blindly replicating a nature, is similar on , which one mechanically mutters, not investigating in essence of the words. , not thinking about sense, retries that was created up to him(it), but the nature - not petrified book, not dogma, store-rooms of its treasures opens out each by the clue. Blindly to play back visible - signifies to be the artist of passive perception, signifies to not uncover, to not understand the nature but only to write off from it ".
The method of operation differs from there is no time of the method, abundant in the Armenian art, of painting. For him operation from a nature only preparatory stage. And only in workshop, before a canvas, feels by the parent. The dictators at creation of product can not be neither nature, nor classics of painting, colleague. All this goes into into sphere of opening-up to the creative moment. Before the artist unmixed bright colours, also it is necessary, not killing their force, comparing and arranging(locating) in the applicable harmonic ratioes, to cause to sound them intensively and only; you see the art image arises not only from particular motive, but also from his(its) colour solution. In the issue it is not so important to write this house, this tree, this mountain. It is important to construct a collective image opening substance of a subject, nesting in this fissile ratio, subjective vision.
Deeply , for example, landscape """ (1960), it is possible to refer which one under the right to most considerable products of modern Armenian painting. An oilpainting due to generalizing of the shapes and conditionality of a solution. Tension, of a colour formation construct hitherto not meeting for one of modern Armenian a new beginning. Dynamics of a landscape expresss not through exterior ., she will emanate from and strengthened by contrast colour ratioes. Here visually activity it also is brightly exhibited creative .
In consequent landscapes of the artist during several years there is a same agricultural motive. Indefinitely in love in native edge, it as if wants more and more of time to point out severe beauty . There is a poetry in life . She here - and in beauty curved, arduously broken through small, but proof of trees, and in clay , which one for long years, probably, was steeled under the sun not less, than ceramic jugs in board, and in dark openings of doors leading in the winter in heat, and and most hot years days in a cool. All these feels as if are synthesized in an oilpainting " ours " (1964). Sometimes enters in a landscape of the people. Here again lone the woman for a wall clay .
All on - is coarse in these cloths: both figure, and painting are look-alike to petrous Armenian ground. the landscapes are introduced to the Armenian landscape painting by new qualities. purely negates clamping only of particular motives. Each product contains something greater. Without deliberate and claim on creation of a symbolical image the artist manages to synthesize the nature in the most customary motive, it is convincing and to transmit nature of Armenia.
has brought in national painting not only intensive, fresh colour vision, but has constructed special, deeply modern image of the Armenian nature hitherto unfamiliar, some kind of a collective image of severe mining country. has written a series of cloths, national not only on the plots and subjects, but also under the shape new and to modern Armenian painting.
Once in a log ""Tourist" were housed by a series of a reproduction of two landscapes - " the End of September " and """ . Here photograph, embodying moment of friendly conversation of the artists, and variance years between them - of half-century. It induces(guides) on some speculations. Not so long ago was cool to reason on a problem " of the fathers and children ", the senses about conflicts ostensibly existing in our company between the quoters of miscellaneous breeds were distributed. The similar assertions are dispossessed of substantial ground, for force of our art п of eligibility of tradition.
Not incidentally youth loves and not incidentally it(he) so is warmly responded about : " the Artists write dawn. The dawn - this mood, is a light and darkness merged together. And very much few venture to write the sun. At the sun all very much it is sharply, the sun breaks the customary shapes, dislodges lines - to catch and to transmit all and colours difficultly. is not afraid of brightness, it(he) has made a pitch in a world of the sun. It is important, that it, not being retried, has gone further; it is necessary, that it(he) did o
-p... " one of those Armenian artists, which one revert color of painting. " Return of painting " - similar expression can by strange, but go in , look through the yellowed pages of parchment of the ancient manuscripts, on them in all magnificence the clean, sonorous colours sparkle: cyan, yellow, green, red...
The color in creativity plays the most principled role. His(its) some products but activity and tension have no to themselves equal in modern Armenian painting. Certainly, it not end in itself. In itself activity of gamma is not yet sufficient, she(it) can be cry; so the sparkling polished copper near to is noble by brilliant gold cries. The harmonicity of colour is instituted by a quantitative proportion of colors, their dosage, weights which one is the feeling and eye of the artist. The sounding of each colour depends on that surrounding, in which one she(it) has got. A surrounding and the proportion with it(him) or muffles its(her) intensity, or gives the greatest brightness and force of combustion.
the formation in cloths receives a full autonomies, that it is not necessary to understand as something anarchist, not exposed to any laws. The self-sufficiency is exhibited but ratio to a nature, for does not transfer the mechanically colour properties existing in the given plant of the map. It(he) arranges of a colour spot depending on their harmonic conformity in a cloth. Similar free usage of color not only does not contradict figurative thinking, and, vice-versa, it(him) and serves.
The iconic gallery created is miscellaneous. In many maps of the particular people it(he) expresses generalized, thought, reaching symbolical sounding. " a head to an arm and ", - this phrase love to retry the old men in , telling about something. This move meets for many patterns .
The artist frequently will convert to female portraits. At all discrepancy , formal solutions all of them are allotted by uniform mood: thoughtful , mysterious lyrics draining with of images. Apparently, the solution of this state can be found not only in , but also in personal of the artist, his(its) experiences, conformable cold of autumn. The surprising colour of portraits associates with the darkening slightly lighted ancient
In this plan the cloth " the Girl with " (1966) is characteristic. Here triumphs poetic .
Constructing rather great many of female portraits, anywhere does not retry solutions. It is volume more important, that it(he) does not tend to visible variety of exterior forms, and wishes more full to open images of the people, to construct something deep, to attach figured palpable art value.
Generalizing of an image - feature, defining best portraits . For example, " the Portrait of the father " (1965) is valuable of an image exhibited in a pose, in pulled down, tired, but strong, large arms of the worker, in hardly bent to a head, in a clever wise face carelessly hanging(carelessly hovering) clothes(clothing). Skill to penetrate into substance of the person promotes neat disclosure of nature, eliciting basic; on it notice of the spectator.
frequently will convert to an auto portrait, trying each time to expand customary understanding of this genre. An oilpainting ""Artist" (1963, was not saved) wrote within several years, made amendments until has achieved desirable quality. Despite of a long-period operation, the cloth at all ""racked". To some extent portrait this is autobiographical. It(he) initiated immediately from a nature, but then it wanted to reach(achieve) the greater synthesizing. The known Soviet writer In. recalled: " Doubly I was in the master - скоп of the young artist . Also should tell - it is the master with the ticket long-range. The huge phenomen. He(it) has some masterpieces. First of all I want to call it(him) " of the Artist " - a portrait of surprising force ".
The artists of miscellaneous epoch and peoples as soon as did not figure themselves! With a paintbrush in arms, with the wife on laps, with a graphic pallet and in the magnificent order, in crowd of the people, with the favourite pattern. It is seldom possible to see an auto portrait... With in an arm, ordinary ""not aesthetic" , rising in mountains among rockss and arduously punching to life. This,apparently, casual part in many respects characterizes a ratio to life. The poetry of his(its) creativity as is severe, as well as edge, which one it(he) . The picturesque tissue of an auto portrait associates with with autumnal foliage, mixed with black , and coarse petrous ground component a fragment of ground.
Than painting not so necessarily be pessimistic or optimistical to be more relevant wise. By wise country calmness from " of an auto Portrait with " (1967). The writer does not separate itself from severe, coarsened from the sun and wind of the people native Vice-versa, jealously underlines link with them, the transactions of the artist same, as transactions of the farmer and , same gross and noble insists that.
To number of the best products it is necessary to refer a portrait of his(its) mother (1967), surprising deep but psychological and formal I plot. It(he) is written on memory and covered light, .
some times has converted to motive " the girl for a window " and each time differently approached to his(its) solution, quite often synthesizing a landscape, portrait and . ""Morning" (1965) is written in a cold range of colours, the artist these years resorted to which one frequently. The oilpainting flickers by any internal light. The silvery, quiet colour transfers the spectator in atmosphere of a mining morning.
The biotic truth and saturates a cloth " my parents " (1962) - a definite stage of creativity of the artist. the confluence of images of the people to a landscape is supervised in many cloths . Major, that the large love to the people, to the native nature, to life institutes figurative force of this oilpainting, -. The product -
""Occurring" (1965) is peculiar on premeditation and performance(fulfillment) and other oilpainting -. Between clay , on узенкой , there were two women. In their outline profiles, till a lengthy dress, in communal atmosphere of a cloth of mystery. As if look in life carved out by centuries. Strong the tree between is perceived as eternal life meeting and which are seeing off breeds. The writer at all does not render concrete a plot, the case from a living actuality " does not tell ". Despite of avarice of facilitiess, oilpainting about much. And first of all that the life is eternal, that so within centuries the people meet, are divided by thoughts. Not incidentally artist purely escapes signs of time. A modernity in his(its) language: the images , they correspond(meet) to objective qualities of time and at all subjectivity and originality transmit fissile, tight ratio of our contemporary to life.
has written some capital cloths, bound from past native edge and people. Best of them have deposited in new tints to progressing the Armenian historical painting.
The parents in 1915 by a miracle were salvaged from genocide. Near -жура in gorge there were some thousand innocent people. Still lively breed seeing terrible events by the eyes. Many winter evenings conducted in , for the center, were tracked by the stories of the eyewitnesses. Whether not therefore the notes are felt in many operations irrespective of a theme. Tersity, restraint, thoughtfulness institute also nature of the artist. of cloths on a historical theme - silent eternal tribute of memory perished.
To most considerable cloths it п, is referred " dear. The memory of the parents " (1965 - 19G7), but it, as well as many products , has perished but пожара*.
Oilpainting about tragical events of 1915. The tormented ground as if in themselves the currents(streams) of a blood, above it(her) have hung restless grey clouds. The severity of a landscape boosts . Each person has closed in the mountain, each in loneliness thinks of the trouble, but the terrible destiny aggregates all. Deeply experienced, the carefully learnt theme many times varied. By the artist, the final solution has not ripened yet. On a cloth one woman. They - to mountain. The stiffness of a drama state is constructed not at the expense of the map of horrors; the artist is far and from thought to retrieve any particular episode, though he(it) learns many archive materials, photographs, documents.
After a deep intellectual trauma - of a fire of workshop, - which one on time has suspended creative activities , the artist is active has joined in operation and has constructed a series of considerable products, among them - ""Meditation" (1972), on the republican exhibition, and " " (1972, All-Union exhibition in Moscow dedicated 50-летию of formation USSR). The writer of a paper in the newspaper ""Truth" dedicated an analysis(disassembly) of the exhibition, marks " a stress of color " in the last oilpainting , " where baked national,, " ascends in careful female arms similarly to the small hot sun... " Indeed in it(her) is " a stress of color ", by beauty of harmony, optimistic vision of life, with traditions of national painting and synchronism with the best tendencies of modern progressive art.
The creativity has found a broad admission as in our country, and abroad. His(its) products were on display in many cities of the Soviet Soyuz, in the German Democratic Republic, Chechoslovakia, Mongolia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, USA, Canada, Franciums, Austria. The numerous recalls in press, monographics papers, essay about the artist testify to large concern, which one calls his(its) art in the Soviet Soyuz and abroad.
In connection with the personal exhibition in Moscow a log " the Soviet Soyuz " marked: " It is the very Armenian artist. And very modern. Under the word " modern " is pleased frequently and, certainly, insecurely understand, subject to all momentary styles ".
Is not present, is not those. It(he) without delay . Tradition - the edge, ground, rockss (and you see Armenia,, all on rockss "), and major, people. And this love to Armenia in bright, , clean tones... Is transmitted to the spectator. Will stand for cloths and can tell: I was in Armenia, I already much about it(her) know... His(its) colours and for muscovites recently shone: the exhibition of the artist in a State museum of art of the peoples of East has passed with large success ".
is referred to number is most actual of the Armenian artists demonstrating, as in due course what to be to the useful people to express his(its) expectations it is possible for on - any, but at indispensable a condition - language, worthy art. For the artist such qualities, as talent, professionalism, rich imagination and charm are happily combined. Almost everything, what his(its) arm touches, is allotted by taste, clock tick and that special breathing of ground, which one characterizes products most brightly expressed national . And behind all by it boundless love and devotion to ground of the grandparents. At huge talent it(he) very much , and it does(makes) it(him) by one of the best masters of the Soviet fine art.
In a ground(basis) of creativity lays deep . It testifies, first of all, that the Armenians not only exist as a nation, but also are developed; it testifies to a celebration of ideas of national policies opening all possibilities for revival of most ancient culture, art and science of the Armenian people today.