EPOCHA N11, (7. 217) March 1992

G. Vahanyan

Matenadaran - the famous unique guardian of ancient manuscripts is the object of pride in Armenia. But up to now Armenians couldn't even imagine that they are the possessors of the priceless for all the civilized world wealth - Karedaran, the universal complex of rock carvings and drawings. The first stone Encyclopaedia of humanity, reflecting the evolution of the knowledge and experience of one of the oldest nations, the first stone University in the history of the Earth is situated on the land of modern Armenia.

General study and analysis of Karedaran treasures show:

Pic. 4
Paruir Sevak facilitates the search of way towards the understanding and reading of Grikor Narekatzi (many of his cogitations have truly immense significance and are not appreciated up to now). In his turn Grikor Narekatzi facilitates the right understanding and interpretation of Bible. Bible itself- becomes the key for the solution of human knowledge treasure - Karedaran. We think that Bible is a living Karedaran guide, opening on its base many of mysteries and secrets of civilization. For instance, astonishing results in history of development of culture, language and religion are received. Bible and Karedaran simplify the search and reveal of technology and sequence of rise of alphabet letters and their graphic forms, words and word combinations. The mechanism of language structure development as means of communication is revealing the technology of accumulation and knowledge keeping, formation of science, Unity and intercommunication of logical and conceptual mentality are brought to light, Psychology and analytical activity of our ancestors come to light, some objective regularities of social life development.

In Karedaran we find:

Pic. 5
We realize that complex investigation and system analysis of thousands* of pictures is a work beyond the strength of a little group of scientists and specialists of the "Search" Centre. Karedaran demands the attention on behalf of young Armenian State on the one hand and of international scientific world-on the other.


Pic. 6
Knowledge in culture, science and art knows no bounds but have all mankind sense and meaning. We think and hope that the first President of free and independent Armenia can and must declare to the world the program of recreation of stone treasure of knowledge and draw the attention of politicians, scientists and specialists to this problem. In our view it will promote to the birth of Armenia and its role in human development.
Armenia is not only the country of chemical plants and the atomic power-station. First of all Armenia is the country of culture science and art. It's a country where men of genius created, lived great thinkers, philosophers and artists of the Earth.

Pic. 7
Imagine, what would the humanity loose if in one time all, the copies of Bible in all languages were destroyed. Karedaran is thousands of rock carvings, drawings, petroglyphs, writings and contains unique information, knowledge and experience in one, the only available for all people language - in the language of drawings.

* It is more than there are pages in Bible. Besides, information in graphic form occupies less space.

Rock carvings presented by S. Petrosyan:
Pic. 1. Gegam Mountains, The Globe with man and hell images.
Pic. 2. Gegam Mountains, Constellation of Dragon, Vahagn (Hercules), Swan and Lyra, III-II mill. B.C.
Pic. 3. Gegam Mountains, Birth of Vahagn.
Pic. 4. Birth of Alive World from Initial Chaos.
Pic. 5. Gegam Mountains, Calendar of Lunar Year, III-II mill. B.C.
Pic. 6. Vardenis Mountains, Calendar of Lunar Months, III-II mill. B.C.
Pic. 7. Gegam Mountains, Combat between Dragon and Vahagn, III-II mill. B.C.