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It is discovered in the language that during the process of development of the sound connection man to man, man to nature the mutual connection is realized by means of natural sounds as two-sound connection.

According to the above-mentioned alphabet 1260 two-sound (two-letter) connections with the help of mathematical formula:

which are considered to be individual words and show mutual contacts between nature and human-man.

Appearance of three-sound (three-letter) connections on the same base can be considered as a quality of reasoning owing to the quantitative recognizing realization of man.

In GRABAR alphabet all the sounds are silhouettic symbols and have a sound quality and cardinal silhouettic character.

For the first time in the linguistic science in Armenian dialects and GRABAR the fhree-sound (three-letter) words are divieded into two-sound (two-letter) and one-sound (one-letter) mathematical index, which belongs to the structure of human and animal anatomy.

These one-sound (one-letter) expressions (words) form a definite natural system and have sound, graphical and cardinal facts.

According to the modern scientific facts it has a scientific character. At the same time two-sound (two-letter) words are considered to be the base of the language according to the "GRABAR is a LAW". Above mentioned two-sound (two-letter) words are special as to the old and modern Armenian, so to the languages of the world.

A conclusion is made that the classic GRABAR is a scientific system, which is found by the old Armenian scientists [kurms]on the fbasls of natural language as mastering of natural sciences and result of mathematical thinking and has an encyclopaedic character and as its result, therefore sounds and their numerical equivalents can help us to interpret connections between man world and space, according to the old Armenian alphabet A(=1).....K'h(=9000).

So the old Armenian language has an encyclopaedic structure. It enables us to come to the conclusion that the old world had spiritual civilization.

So two-sound (two-letter) words, as well as three-sound (three-letter)classic GRABAR can be both in Armenian and in other languages all over the world.

The existence of the mathematical construction of GRABAR itself reveals that in the ancient world there has been a single natural language system, which ts consolidated by the "GRABAR-as-law" theory and "world-man-space" unity.

According to the old Armenian language classical "GRABAR"is considered to be as the origin of all old and modern languages, according to the facts of researches up to the birth of the language which wll be analysed in future.

All this has been achieved by means of divsion of compound and one-stem words, using the number equivalents of the letters of the Armenian GRABAR alphabet. So that all the languages of the world can be checked by this mathematical method.

630 two-sound (two-letter) connections are obtained from the 36 sounds (letters) of the GRABAR alphabet by the following mathematical formula:

The sum of 36+630=666 is considered to be as a human and animal voiced communication and the connection of world-man-space unity.

At the same time these two-sound connections may be read from right to left and from left to right.In fact there are people (languages) who read and write from right to left. So all the 36 letters of the alphabet of classical GRABAR are considered to be as results of arithmetical progressia 1,2,3........33,34,35,36.

Thus we interpret the biblical, New Testament's 666 number.