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Sculpture Chair
Sculpture department I course

This department is one of the basic departments of the Academy. It was founded by the efforts of people's artists of the USSR Ara Sargsian and Souren Stepanian. Many famous sculptors have worked here, such as Grigor Aharonian, Sergey Baghdasarian, Ara Haroutunian, Yerem Vardanian, Tereza Mirzoyan, Arsham Shahinian and others.

The realistic, academical principles are the bases of subjective programs. Special attention is paid to observation of the Model, to the comprehension of the sculpture and its regularities.

The fundamental task of the Chair is also to develop the compositional perceptions of the stuff (plaster, wood, stone, clay, bronze), the technique of its realization and other important questions.

Here also from the 3rd course the workshop system of studying is put in practice. The heads of the workshops are professors who enjoy great fame and also teaching skill such as Tereza Mirzoyan, Getik Bagdasarian, associate-professor Tadevos Gevorgian. The 6th course is completely devoted to diploma paper. Their professional literacy, composition approach, mental thoughts, artistic taste and also style must be expressed in their diploma project.

Within its 54 years of existence the Sculpture Department has given a great number of graduates. Most of them are famous in abroad too.

The sculptors graduated from Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts for many years have been winning the 1st prizes in the competition devoted to Dante. Moreover, in 1998 12 sculptors won the gold medal of Florence taking part in Ravenna's competition and Armenia was considered to be the country representing the best sculpture.

Today, we have a great number of well-known professors working in this department such as: Getik Bagdasarian, Teresa Mirzoyan, Arsham Shahinian, Tariel Hakobian and others.

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