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Painting Chair

Painting Chair is one of the leading and prestigious ones in the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts. It was organized just from the very day of the foundation of the academy in 1945. The first head of the Chair was Gabriel Gyurjian. Many distinguished artists such as Martiros Sarian, Hakob Kojoyan, Edward Isabekian, Ara Bekarian, Babken Kolosian and others worked in this Chair.

The experience and teaching skill obtained by the Chair in decades , today are used by famous painter- professors of the elder and middle generation. The department has worked up and now realizes the teaching programs in accordance with international standards of teaching painting and composition having the principles of the realistic and academic school to the core. Parallel with the basic specialized subjects much attention is paid by the department to the plastic anatomy, to studying the technology of stuff, the subject of Perspective and so on. The members of the Chair are interested in giving professional high knowledge to the students. Side by side, with the development of composition way of thinking, an important role is given to the technical skill of painting.

More than 20 years the teaching is carried out in a workshop way. Since the 3rd course the students themselves choose one of three workshops. The heads of the workshops are famous Armenian painters. They are professors Edward Issabekian, Anatoli Papian, Pharaon Mirzoyan.

The experience of many years teaching has shown us the privilege of the workshop system. Special importance is given to the individual formation of the future artist. A great importance is given also to students' summer practice in the open as well as copying of the classic masters’ works in the National Art Gallery.

Besides the heads of the workshops, a number of well-known professors work in this chair such as: M.Sedrakian, M.Grigorian, Ed. Vardanian, A.Issabekian, A.Grigorian and others.

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