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Graphic Arts Chair
Graphic department, watching the educational works

Graphic Arts Chair of the Academy of Fine Arts was organized in 1945. The 1st head of the chair was people's artist of the republic, professor Hakob Kojoyan. Ruben Petrossian, Aharon Khudaverdian, Ararat Gharibian have also worked in this department.

Since 1956 the activity of the department has been stopped. It was restarted only in 1983. Within these years a great number of artists graduated from the Graphic Arts Department with professional knowledge and they have displayed skill and abilities both in forming and illustrating books, in the branch of posters and Machine-Tool Graphics.

These artists have obtained great recognition not only in our republic, but out of its borders too, and they have made a worthy contribution to the development of Armenian Graphic Art. The duration of studies in the Graphic Department is six years, the last year is completely devoted to the diploma work, while in the process of teaching composition the students in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd courses acquire general knowledge of designing books and machine - tool graphics. From the 4 th course the student makes choice, i.e. to say he gets specialized in any kind of Graphics. They get stable and rich knowledge of the executive technique of Graphics.

During the process of tuition special attention is paid to perception the reality and expressing it on the plane. Within six-year studies the students master perfectly the main types of graving and printing. Applied graphics and print are also taught to them. In the list of teaching Graphics there is a special place for the subject "Work done on the Stuff". The study of Graphic Art with all modern equipments conduces to the productivity of its teaching.

The graphic chair is completed with the best graphic-painters of the republic such as: professors Vahram Khachikian, Andranik Kilikian, Ara Bagdasarian and others.

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