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Fashion & Textile Design Chair
Course work

Armenia has always been in great need of high qualified specialists of Fashion and Textile Design. Before, these specialists got education in Moscow, in Leningrad and elsewhere, but at last, after overcoming great hardships, in 1989 this department came into existence in the long run in the Academy of Fine Arts. At first they were trained at the Decorative Applied Art Department, but since 1995 Fashion and Textile Design Chair has been organized. This chair joined the Design Department in 1999.

Just the very year the Academy gave its first graduates. The chair includes the best specialists of republic such as Nune Aghbalian, Gayane Saribekian, Marina Hakobian, Ada Gabrielian, Hasmik Mnatsakanian and others. During teachind a great attention is paid to both theory and practice. The main task of the department is to give the students systematic knowledge on all specialized subjects. During five-year study the students obtain taste, non standard way of compositional thinking and abilities of finding right functional solution. The students deeply study drawing, painting, descriptive geometry, science of feeling colors, technology of the stuff, construction, architectonics and other subjects together with "composition and work on the stuff".

A special attention is paid to the history of national costume.

It's well known that the national independence first of all is connected with free economy and also with the development of Light Industry. The chair considers its problem to prepare highly qualified specialists corresponding to the international standard for the Light Industry promising perspectives.

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