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Drawing Chair
The students of Painting department during the classes of drawing

In the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts special attention is devoted to the teaching of drawing because it is the base of Arts. This subject is taught in all departments of the Academy. The aim of teaching drawing is to teach the student with the help of drawing to give the volume-space picture of the object. Drawing is not only art but also science. It helps to think with plastic volumes, to comprehend the constructive base of the object and to express its plastic structure on the plane. The department is in the search continually. Its members study thoroughly and now use the best experience and traditions of Russian and world realistic school. The aim of drawing chair is to teach the students to study thoroughly the model or the offered materials, to master the drawing technique, to improve it. Special place is given to the antique plaster reproductions in drawing as well as to the self-creative practice and duplication of classic masters` drawings. Many artists with great skill and teaching experience are included in the department of drawing. Hamo Avetissian, Vramshapuh Shakarian, Vardkes Stepanian, Manouk Hovsepian were the founders of this department. Now the leading lecturers are professors Vagharshak Aramian (head of the department), Grigor Aghasian, Henrik Mamian, Vaghinak Aslanian.

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