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Design Chair
The head of the Design chair, professor G.Gevirkian

Nowadays Design has penetrated not only in the sphere of industry but also in the life.

Design Chair in the Academy of Fine Arts opened in1964 under the direction of professor Ashot Mirzoyan. The next were professor Albert Bagdasarian, Karen Aghamian, and now the head of the Chair is Gagik Gevorgian.

During its 30 year’s existence this Chair has given a great number of wonderful specialists and now they work successfully not only in Armenia but in abroad as well, as the degree of this Academy is accepted everywhere in abroad. More than fifty foreign students have studied at the Academy and graduated from it successfully.

The main task of this Chair is to teach the students to make the subjects around them more pleasant and convenient. From the point of professional teaching, particular attention is paid to such subjects as drawing, painting, theory of colors, ergonomics and bionic. for the formation of students' mental outlook several subjects are taught in Design Chair such as art history, aesthetics, philosophy. It' s already the third year that the Metal department opened in this Chair and it 's very promising. At the process of professional teaching of Design special attention is paid not only to the students' rational and functional solution of compositional thinking.

Now a great number of skelful specialists teach the students in Design Chair. Some of them are the best in the republic. They are: G.Gevorkian, K.Aghamian, H.Payaslian, S.Bakhchiev, A.Melikian and others.

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