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Art History & Theory Chair
The students of the Art department during the excavations of Erebuni

Since 1945 the Chair of Art history and Theory of the Academys of Fine Arts is in its full activity and the 1st head of it was professor E.Martikian. Later - this Chair was headed by professors R. Zarian, S. Haroutunian, H. Piliposian. Now it is directed by candidate of art L. Stephanian.

For many years a great number of well-known historians and art critics of Armenian Art have been working in this Chair such as: Garegin Levonian, Sargis Meliksetian, Alexey Givelegov, Ruben Drampian, Gevorg Goyan, Stepan Mnatsakanian, Levon Kalantarian, and others.

Now the best art theorists of the republic are teaching in the Chair such as: V.Ghazarian, A. Aghasian, M. Hasratian, L. Stephanian, E. Kalantarian and others.

The Chair became more prominent when the art theory faculty came into being (1983) side by side with the other creative faculties, which are to provide the republic with national specialists of Art History and Theory.

The main task of the Chair is to give systematic and deep knowledge to the students about the plastic arts (Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Architecture,

Decorative-Applied Arts) general history as well as about theory, paying special attention to teaching of the national art and architecture. There is one more task to be fulfilled by the Chair; that is to give the students artistic aesthetic professional abilities analyzing and appreciating art level. For this reason many methodical booklets, textbooks, programs are worked up concerning the history and theory of plastic arts.

Seminars and optional lessons, various ways of writing - studies (essays, course-work and so on) that is "Museum practice" (art exhibitions, galleries, architectural monuments, visiting the ancient places) serve the same purpose.

The teachers of this Chair are interested not only in lectures but also in research work. Doctors and candidates of Art M. Hasratian, A. Agasian, F. Ter-Martirosov, I. Kurtsens, E. Kalantarian and others are the authors of many books and articles devoted to Armenian Painting and Architecture.

Together with the post-graduates and the students of junior courses they take part in conferences, conduce to the publication of scientific methodical collection "Art, History and our days" continually.

The Chair has a study (the head is F.Dznuni) which has its own library, archives fund and a fine collection of slides.

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