The Satellite Communication System.
200th Anniversary of "Azdarar"-the First Armenian periodical.
"Haroutune Shmavonian, the founder and editor of the "Azdarar" at the printing-house.

75th Anniversary of the First Armenian Postage Stamp.
All-Armenian Fund "Hayastan".
75th Anniversary of the Armenian Red Cross Society.
225th Anniversary of the first printing press in Armenia, Etchmiadzin.
The World Philatelic Exhibition Moscow '97
10-th Anniversary of Karabakh Movement
To the Memory of Earthquake Victims
Anniversary of Universal Postal Union
Armenian National Fairy Tales.
Armenia - member of the European Council.
Dialogue Among Civilizations
European Year Of Languages
Traditional Production Of Armenia
UNIFEM. Women For Peace
The Centenary Of Alexandrapol-Yerevan Railway
Cosmic Researches

175th Anniversary Of The First Armenian Postal Dispatch
10th Anniversary Of Armenian Currency
Science And Technique Of Armenia (II issue)
Armenian Cinematography. Armenian Animation

International Day Against The Desertification
Science And Technique Of Armenia (III Issue). Fine Organic Chemistry
90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
Motherhood Day