First Day Covers

Armenian National Costumes : I issue, II issue
Armenian National Fairy Tales
Armenian National Instruments
Capra Aegagrus Aegagrus (WWF).

Europa 2000

Europa. National Days. Trndez and Ascension
Europa. National Reserves.
First Pan-Armenian games

Flora and Fauna of Armenia : IV issue, V issue, VI issue.

From the history of Armenian culture.
In Memory of the Catholicos of All Armenians VazgenI (1908-1994).
In Memory of the Martyred Sons of Armenia

Independence Day.
Minerals of Armenia II issue
XXV Olympic Games in Barcelona.
XXVII Olympic games, Sydney 2000

The 32nd World Chess Olympiad, Yerevan.
Tigran Petrosian, the Ninth World Chess Champion.
The National Gallery of Armenia (I issue).

The navigation in Armenian Cilician Kingdom 

Treasures of Etchmiadzin.
"YEREVAN`93" International Philatelic Exhibition.

World Football Cup Competition
10-th Anniversary of Karabakh Movement
50th Anniversary of European Counsil Foundation

75th Anniversary of the birth of Sergei Parajanov
125th Anniversary of the birth of Avetik Issahakian

125 th Anniversary of Universal Potal Union 
125th Anniversary of the Birth of Valery Briusov

1700-th Anniversary of the proclamation of Christianity as State Relegion in Armenia : VI issue,VII issue
1700th Anniversary of the Adoption of Christianity in Armenia (301-2001) : I issue
, II issue
900th Anniversary of the birth of Nerses Shnorali