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The Oral Tradition
of the Western Armenians

Author: Verjine Svazlian

Doctor of Sciences (Philology), Professor

Doctor of Philological Sciences, ethnographer Verjine Svazlian
writing down the tragic memoirs and songs
narrated by the Genocide survivor, Mariam Baghdishian (b. 1909, Moussa Dagh)


The oral tradition of the Western Armenians is part of the oral culture of the Armenian people. Its original peculiarities are conditioned by the public and political circumstances connected with the life of the Western Armenians.

In the course of a number of years, the following folklore collections have been written down word by word, fragment by fragment and published.

I wish to express my deep gratitude to those Western Armenian narrators, who, with their already fading dialects have communicated me and saved from a total loss the remains of the spiritual culture of this part of the Armenian people, so I offer you what is yours, Armenian people.


Verjine Svazlian

Doctor of Sciences (Philology)
Leading Researcher,
Institute of Archaeology & Ethnography,
Museum-Institute of the Armenian Genocide
National Academy of Sciences
E-mail: lira@hragir.aua.am
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