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http:// - Financial Aid Information Page: loans/ scholarships/ other types of aid/ financial aid applications funding.html - Financial Aid for Foreign Nationals studying in the United States - Financial Aid: grants - The Foundation Center: links to online libraries & top US education funders - International Education Financial Aid (scholarships/ sponsor site) - International Education Finance Corporation: loans for international students with co-signers in the US - Partial Links of Awards for International Undergraduates - Competitive Grants Programs for 1999-2000: cooperative grants program/ travel grants program/ market program

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ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE - The American Association of Intensive English Programs - A A I E P/ English programs of the USA Universities - American University System Test/ How to Apply at an American university/ description of universities, colleges, English programs and vocational schools - USA language schools/ courses/ locations/ prices/ enroll - Group language adventures abroad/ short-term language courses/ customized language training for professionals/ private boarding schools in the US and UK - ESL/ English Language School/ intensive training in all major languages/ learning English in New York City - Language Courses at Embassy CES: Semi-Intensive/ Intensive/ Super Intensive/ Intensive Plus/ Pre-MBA/ Cambridge Examination/ TOEFL and TOEIC Preparation/ College Year Program/ Family English Programs in Florida/ English for Business/ TEFL Teacher Training/ Foreign Language Programs - English Language & Cultural Immersion Programs/ Experience American Culture in New York/ Modern Teaching Methods/ Professional Staff / All ages 18 and over/ Excursions - The Intensive English Language Program: program/ registration/ application/ housing/ TESOL certification/ MSU degree programs/ American language & culture programs - English Language School at George Mason University: admissions/ students web links/ instructor web links/ student advice of learning English/ specialized lessons from ILS teachers - English Language Center at Northeastern University, Boston: intensive English program/ business-language skills/ pre-MBA program - English Language Institute at Oregon State University: students – full – time English/ teachers and technology (technology seminar)/ special programs for groups/ OSU students - The American Language Institute at San Diego State University: English for academic purposes/ intensive English communications/ special programs/ housing - School for English Achievement: fun stuff /place/ learn /calendar/ family questions &answers/ info/ enroll - the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, the Intensive English Language Program: information/ admissions/ after acceptance/ for our students/ other links of interest - University of California, Intensive English Program: programs offered/ special programs for groups/ housing/ activities/ professional programs - University of Dallas, Intensive English Program: CURRICULUM/ CLASS SCHEDULE/ ENROLLMENT AND COSTS/ ONLINE APPLICATION - University of Denver, English Language Center: WELCOME/ FACILITIES/ CURRICULUM/ HOUSING/ ACTIVITIES/ APPLICATION - University of Nevada, Intensive English Language Center: How to Apply/ Program Dates and Fees/ Testing and Placement/ Evaluation and Certificates/ Faculty and Staff/ Housing/ Academic Conditional Acceptance/ Office of International Students & Scholars - University of Pennsylvania, English Language Programs: overview/ evening & community programs/ testing & tutoring services/ special programs/ business programs/ service programs/ housing & dining/ faculty & staff/ conversation & culture - University of Southern California Language Academy, Intensive English Program: introduction/ Language Academy Courses/ activities/ University housing/ program dates & fees/ how to apply/ online application - Wayne State University, English as a Second Language: Programs/ Session Dates/ Costs/ How to Apply/ Purpose & Perspective/ Program Levels & Testing Dates/ Class Schedule/ Housing/ Web Sites for ESL Students/ Scholarship


http:// - Michigan Information Technology Network: distance education technologies - Overseas educational Advising Centers: introduction/ going to college in the US/ center search/ testing information/ other resources

PUBLICATIONS - US News and World Report College Fair

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http:// - Non-profit organizations/ researching and funding/ how to write letters of intent & grant proposals/ working with volunteers/ various forms of direct mail and tele-fundraising efforts and publications/ networking with other non-profits - Short Course on Grant Writing

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