Since from old times man has a special interest in reard of gold and silver not becouse of their rarity in the mature and vaiuation.

Simply their flexibility gives a wide opportunity to work up, give them different forms. The adornment and imagination are indivisible.

Centuries before one of the commanders of Alexander from Macedonia wanted to penetrate the depths of Armenian mountains with his numerious detachment to subdue the mines of gold and silver.

Gold in our land was not a rare metal.

Therefore there were a lot of prople working up them.

According to the information of historians, Armenians were great masters of jewellery, Nobody can insist that among them might have not been such gloryfied masters as Benvenuto Chelini. As well as nobody can realy insist upon which jewellery work has been done by the Armenian masters in numerous museums of the world.

But remained works prove that not all the jewels of art had dissapeared from our land.