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Yerevan, Armenia : Armenian Encyclopedia Editorial Board, 1990.


Comments: "a" is a first letter of Armenian alphabet



Comments: Town in Iran islamic republic. From 1909 has about 5000 armenian community involved mainly in oil extraction industry. After 1979 and 1980 during Iran-Irak war the vast majority armenians went Isphahan and abroad.

Abaliants Sergey

Comments: Abaliants Sergey Kristopher - an armenian hydraulic engineer, born in 1907, Ph.D., Professor. In 1931 graduated from Tashkent Polytechnical Institute, Uzbekistan.


Comments: Castle town near lake Van in Turkey. At the beginning of XX century has 1000 armenian population. All armenian blocks destroyed during the 1915 Genocide.

Abaghai dasht (field of abagha)

Comments: Field among armenian mountains near lake Van in Turkey.

Abaghian Armen

Comments: Abaghian Armen Artavazd, born in 1933, in Stepanakert; armenian scientific worker in atomic energy field. Ph.D., Professor. Graduated from Moscow physics engineering institute in 1956.

Abaghian Henrik

Comments: Born in 1931, in Yerevan; armenian scientific worker in solid physics. Ph.D. Graduated from Yerevan State University in 1955.

Abaghiants Hayk

Comments: Born in 1902, in Tiflis; died in 1964 in Leningrad; armenian scientific worker in heat engineering. Ph.D. Professor. Graduated from Leningrad Naval College in 1928. Worked for Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute from 1956.

Abamelik David

Comments: Russian prince of Armenian origin.Major-general. Born in 1774; died in 1833;
Participated in 1812 war against Napoleon I.

Abamelik-Lazarev Simeon

Comments: Russian prince of Armenian origin. Born in 1857, in Moscow; died in 1916, in Kislovodsk, buried in Sankt Petersburg; Historian, geologist, member of Russian Geographic Society. Graduated Sankt Petersburg University. Did research work in Sicilia, Kaukasus. In Rome (Italy) still existing "Villa Abamelik" is ownership of Russia.

Abamelik-Lazareva Anna David

Comments: Russian translator of Armenian origin. Born in 1814, in Sankt Petersburg;
died in 1889, in Sankt Petersburg; Had a good knowledge of English, France and German languages. Translated Pushkin and Lermontov to European languages. Was a friend of Alexander Pushkin, famous Russian poet. Lived in Kazan, where her husband, brother of poet Baratynski, was a governor.


Comments: Abameliks were the Russian and Georgian princes of Armenian origin (XYII- XXc.). After 1870 clan had the name Abamelik-Lazarian because of relationship with Lazarians family.

Abashidze Vaso

Comments: Georgian actor (1854-1926). Had a good knowledge of Armenian.Was a honoured member of Armenian theatrical society.Founder of the first Georgian theatrical periodical in Tiflis.Played many roles in Armenian plays, for example Zimzimov in Sundukian's "Pepo" .

Abajan Gevorg

Comments: Born in 1920. Armenian actor, art and literature researcher, Ph.D. (1956). Worked as a TV editor in Yerevan. Author of several monographies dedicated to armenian prominent actors, wrote some film scripts.

Abajan Vladimir

Comments: Born in 1927. Armenian actor and story-teller. Graduated Yerevan Theatrical Institute in 1951. People's artist of Armenian Republic.


Comments: Date of birth unknown.Died in 596. Armenian bishop then separated and announced himself as a Catholicos of Aghvan, Lpna and Chogha.

Abas A

Comments: Date of birth and death unknown. Armenian last king of Bagratuni family in Lori kingdom.

Abas Bagratuni

Comments: Date of birth unknown, died in 953. Armenian king of Bagratuni family. Reigned after Ashot B Erkat. Had a title "Shahnshah of Armenia and Georgia" . His father was the king of Armenia Smbat A.

Abas Bagratuni

Comments: Date of birth unknown, died in 1029. Armenian king of Kars kingdom. Reigned after his father king Mushegh A. Was a grandson of Armenian king Abas Bagratuni.

Abas Bagratuni

Comments: Date of birth and death unknown. Armenian sparapet (commander of army) of Kars kingdom in 862-892.


Comments: Armenian ancient castle-town. Fully destroyed at XII-XIY cc during Monghol invasion.

Abarjan Alexandr

Comments: Armenian theatre director.Born in 1897, died in 1967. Worked as an actor in Astrakhan, Baku, Tiflis and Kislovodsk. Chief director of Leninakan State Theatre in 1947- 1953.


Comments: The name of Osrojen Kingdom Armenian kings (132 B.C. - 216 A.D.).

Abgar Tokhatetsi

Comments: Armenian publisher.The dates of birth and death were unknown. In 1562 went to Rome, received permission from pope Pi IY and Venice Governor Heronimus Briol to publish some armenian books.


Comments: The family of rich Armenian intellectuals lived in Arabia countries (mainly in Lebanon) in XYIII-XIX cc.

Abgarian Gevorg

Comments: Armenian philologist, linguist, historian, manuscript researcher. Born in 1920. Graduated from Yerevan State University in 1946.Ph.D. since 1965. Worked for Armenian Ancient Manuscript Research Institute (Matenadaran). Published several books dedicated to ancient armenian scientists and writers. Made translations from Germany.

Abgarian Karlen

Comments: Armenian scientist, mathematician; Born in 1928. Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) in 1952. Ph.D., professor MAI. Worked for MAI in Moscow. Published several books concerning mathemathical theory of linear systems.

Abgarian Khnamakalutiun (Apcar Trust)

Comments: Created in London by Indian Armenian rich man Hovanes Apcarian (1845 - 1919) heritage of 58 thousands pound sterlings. Percents of this fund is given to various Armenian Benevolent Unions.

Abgarovich Kaetan

Comments: Also known as Sultan Abgar (1856-1909). Polish writer of Armenian origin.

Abd ar razzak Samarkandi

Comments: Historian of Middle Asia (1413-1482). Outline Lenktimur's march to conquer Armenia and Transcaucasus.

Abdul Hamid II

Comments: Sultan of Turkey (1842-1918). Had a nickname "Bloody" for its crush politic in respect of non-turkey people, particularly concerning armenians. Author of the first genocide in 1895-1896. Expelled after youngturkish coup d'etat.

Abelian Alexandr

Comments: Armenian playwright (1858-1940).

Abelian Harutjun

Comments: Armenian chemist (1849-1921).Died in Switzerland, Tsurikh. Graduated Tsurikh University in 1872. Professor. Was Honoured Chairman of Tsurikh Armenian Community. At 1896 came to Armenia and climbed on Big Masis (Ararat) mountain.

Abelian Hovanes

Comments: Prominent Armenian actor (1865-1936).People's artist of Armenia. Founded many theatrical groups in Georgia and Azerbajdgan. In 1904 in Shusha with non-professional actors first time in Azerbajdgan performed Sheakspear's Otello. Kirovakan Dramatic theatre named after Abelian. Was a follower of Petros Adamian, the great armenian actor.

Abelian Nerses

Comments: Armenian public figure at the end of XIX century (1855-1933).Engineer (technology), graduated from Moscow Engineering School. Brother of actor Abelian Hovanes.

Abelian-Armenian Taterakhumb (Theatrical Group)

Comments: Armenian theatrical group created by actors H.Abelian and A.Armenian in 1908 in Tiflis. Was on tour in Aleksandropol, Kars, Sarykamysh, Baku, Iran, Turkey and West Armenia with plays written by Shirvanzade, Paronian, Sundukian, Shakespear, Shiller, Ibsen and others.


Comments: Armenian church's lower rank clergy-man, like monk (friar) in Catolic religion.


Comments: Armenian religious festival mainly for clergy-men, especially for abeghas (monks), who at those days permitted to take part in society's joys. Lasted 12 days at the spring beginning. Festival supposed to be of a pagan origin.

Abeghakhot (Stachys)

Comments: Spread in Armenia as a Stachys annua and Stachys palustris. Weed, somewhere used as a medicinal.

Abeghian Manuk

Comments: Prominent Armenian scientist, philologist, linguist. Ph.D., professor, member of Armenian National Academy of sciences. Born in 1865, died in 1944. Studied in Ecmiadzin clerical seminary (1876-1885), in Vienna's, Leipziig's, Berlin's and Paris's Universities (1893-1898). Teached Armenian language and literature in Tiflis's Hovnanian (1889-1893) and Nersisian (1914-1919) schools. At 1923 was one of the first professors of Yerevan State University. Author of many scientific monographs and papers dedicated to Armenian language and literature.

Abeghian Mher

Comments: Prominent Armenian artist. Born in 1909. Son of Manuk Abeghian. Studied in Yerevan, Moscow, Leningrad. Was a pupil of S.Agadganian, S.Arakelian, A. Osmiorkin, S.Gerasimov. Teached in Yerevan Arts Institute and colleges. Received People's artist title in 1960. His works were in many museums in Armenia, Russia and other countries.


Comments: Armenian ancient clan of ministers, princes.


Comments: Armenian ancient district located at Eraskh river bank. Abegians lived there.

Abich Herman

Comments: Cerman geologist, member of St.Petersburg Academy. Born in 1806 in Berlin, died in 1886. Counted as a father of Caucasian geology. Visited Armenia in 1844 and began to research volcanic and other features of Armenia and whole Caucasus.

Abiyants Victor

Comments: Armenian scientist, mechanic-engineer, Ph.D., professor. Born in 1911 in town Chernobyl (Ukraine), died in 1984 in Moscow. Graduated Moscow High Technical College named after N. Bauman in 1935.Research interests laid in sphere of aviation gas turbines' construction.

Ablgharib Artsruni

Comments: Armenian statesman. Date of birth unknown. Died in 1080. In 1050 had been the Head of Kilikia District and prepared Kilikia to be Armenian State.


Comments: Abkhasian kingdom founded in YIII century. From 1921 was an autonomous Republic.

Abkarian Stephanos

Comments: Armenian educationist lived in XYIII century.Dates of birth and death are unknown. Had written a book for children about principles of natural sciences.

Abov Gevorg

Comments: Armenian writer, professor (literature researcher). Born in 1897 in Tiflis, died in 1965 in Yerevan.

Abov Yuri

sciences; graduated from Moscow State University at 1947; Nuclear physics researcher;
Place of keeping: "Hayk" International Institute; "Arminco"
Comments: Armenian physicist, Ph.D., professor (nuclear physics researcher). Born in 1922 in Tuapse. Graduated from Moscow State University, worked in Moscow atomic energy research institutes.

Abovian Barsegh

Comments: Armenian actor. Born in 1880 in Tiflis. Died in 1959 in Haleb, Syria.

Abovian Gevorg

Comments: Armenian educationist, public figure. Born in 1837 in Odzun. Date of death unknown, he disappeared in 1866.

Abovian Khachatur

Place of keeping: "Hayk" International Institute; "Arminco"
Comments: Armenian educationist, public figure, democrat, writer, founder of new armenian literature. Born in 1809 in vil. Kanaker. Date of death unknown, he disappeared in 1848. In 1829 climbed on mountain Ararat with Tartu University"s Professor F. Parrot. Translated into Armenian works of Homer, Shiller, Karamzin and others. In Armenia exist town named after Abovian, various schools, institutes, streets and parks named after him.

Abovian Sargis

Comments: Armenian dairy-farming specialist. Born in 1869 in vil. Jalalogly, now town Stepanavan. In 1930-1937 was the director of Armenian agricultural state institute.

Abovian Stephanos

Comments: Armenian geologist, Ph.D. Graduated from Georgian Polytechnical Institute in 1950. Born in 1928 in Tiflis. Interested in Armenian minerals and fossils.


Comments: Armenian town. Before 1961 was the village Elar. Named after Kchachatur Abovian prominent armenian writer and public figure. At 1988 had population of 54, 6 thousand.

Aboviani anvan medal (Medal of Abovian)

Comments: Defined in 1946 as an awardness for prominent educationists and research workers in Armenia. Named after Kchachatur Abovian.

Aboviani garejri gortsaran (Brewery of Abovian c.)

Comments: Founded in 1977.

Aboviani erkatbetone konstruktsianeri gortsaran (Reinforced Concrete Elements works of Abovian c.)

Comments: Founded in 1964.

Aboviani erkati hankavair (Iron-ore deposit of Abovian region)

Comments: Located near Kaputan vil. Abovian district.

Aboviani shrjan (Abovian region)

Comments: Historical and other information about Abovian district.

Aboviani tun tangaran (Museum of Abovian)

Comments: Founded in 1938 at the house where Abovian was born in vil. Kanaker (now one of Yerevan region). Reconstructed in 1978. Absid

Comments: Term of architecture.


Comments: Patriarch of Jerusalem since 638, the head of Armenian priesthood. Died in 669.


Comments: Armenian miniaturist, bookbinder, scribe. Lived in XY-XYI centuries.Dates of birth and death unknown.


Comments: Armenian sculptor; Lived in XY century.Dates of birth and death unknown. One of his works found his place in Armenian State Historical Museum.

Abraham A Aghbatanetsi

Comments: Armenian catholicos, the Head of Armenian church since 607; Died in about 615.

Abraham Ankjuratsi

Comments: Armenian spiritual music singer and composer, witness of the conquer of Konstantinopolis by turks in 1453; Lived in XY century.

Abraham Baghishetsi

Comments: Armenian catholicos since 1730. Died in 1734, burried in St.Gayane church in Echmiadzin.

Abraham Yerevantsi

Comments: Armenian annalist of XVIII century. Dates of birth and death are unknown. His book "History of wars ..." translated into Russian and published in 1939.

Abraham Khostovanogh

Comments: Armenian miniaturist of V century. Dates of birth and death are unknown. In 460 became a Bznunik district's bishop.Was a participant of Vardanants war at 451.

Abraham Kretatsi

Comments: Armenian catholicos since 1734. Historian, had several books dedicated to History of Armenia. His works were translated into French and Russian. Date of birth is unknown. Died in 1737 in Echmiadzin.

Abraham Ghramatikos

Comments: Greek linguist, historian, Armenian history and language researcher. Lived in XII century.

Abraham Mamikoneits

Comments: Armenian miniaturist of VI century. Dates of birth and death are unknown. Clergyman, wrote some books on Armenian history.

Abraham Vanakan

Comments: Armenian miniaturist of VIII century. Dates of birth and death are unknown. Wrote some books on Armenian history.

Abrahamian Abraham Aleksandri

Comments: Armenian scientist, Ph.D., professor, specialist in radio and electronics technique. Born in 1912 in Ghars. Graduated Moscow Institute of communications in 1936. Was author of color and musical fountains set in the centre of Yerevan.

Abrahamian Ashot Arseni

Comments: Armenian scientist, linguist, Ph.D., professor, specialist in Armenian language. Born in 1918 in Gegamavan vil. Sevan region. Died in 1985 in Yerevan.

Abrahamian Ashot Garegini

Comments: Armenian scientist, historian, Ph.D., professor, specialist in Armenian Literature history. Born in 1903 in Kechut vil. Azizbekov region. Died in 1983 in Yerevan. Author of Armenian history text-book for Universities.

Abrahamian Aram Hakobi

Comments: Armenian prominent physician, urologist, Ph.D., professor. Born in 1898 in Tiflis. Graduated Department of medicine of Moscow State University in 1924. Honoured member of various foreign academies and medical societies. Lived in Moscow. At 1984 founded "Russian Art" Gallery of his private pictures" collection in Yerevan.

Abrahamian Artsrun Abrahami

Comments: Armenian chemist, Ph.D., professor. Born in 1909 in West Armenia, died in 1978 in Yerevan. Graduated Yerevan Pedagogical and Yerevan Polytechnical Institutes (in 1931 and 1936).

Abrahamian Artashes Sahaki

Comments: Armenian artist. Born in 1921 in Aleksandropol (now Gyumri). Graduated Yerevan Art Institute in 1952.

Abrahamian Beniamin Levoni

Comments: Armenian scientist, mathematician. Born in 1913 in Ardahan. Graduated Moscow State University in 1940.Specialist in applied mechanics.

Abrahamian Yevgeni Arami

Comments: Armenian scientist, physicist, Ph.D., professor. Born in 1930 in Tiflis. Graduated Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics in 1953. Specialist in high energy physics.

Abrahamian Eduard Aslani

Comments: Armenian composer, professor. Born in 1923 in Tiflis, died in 1986 in Yerevan. Graduated in Tbilisi (1950).

Abrahamian Eduard Gagiki

Comments: Armenian veterinary, Ph.D., professor. Born in 1924 in Yerevan. Graduated Yerevan Veterinary Institute in 1958.

Abrahamian Levon Abrahami

Comments: Armenian actor, director. Born in 1910 in Tashkent, died in 1988 in Leninakan.

Abrahamian Levon Harutiuni

Comments: Armenian philosopher, Ph.D., professor. Born in 1928 in Akhlkalak, Georgia. Graduated Moscow State University in 1950. Abrahamian Khoren Babkeni

Comments: Armenian actor, director. Born in 1930 in Yerevan. Graduated Yerevan Theatrical Institute in 1951.

Abrahamian Khoren Harutiuni

Comments: Armenian serviceman, the military. Born in 1900 in Nakhidgevan, died in 1937. Graduated Military Academy in Leninigrad in 1930.

Abrahamian Medeya Vardani

Comments: Armenian woman-cellist. Born in 1932 in Yerevan. Graduated in Moscow in 1956.

Abrahamian Rafik (Hayrik) Ashoti

Comments: Armenian historian, Ph.D., professor. Born in 1929 in Kechut vil. Graduated Yerevan State University in 1952. Research interests concern Armenian-Indian relations before end of XYIII century.

Abrahamian Rouben Tadevosi

Comments: Armenian linguist, Ph.D., professor. Born in 1988 in Gnishik vil., died in 1952 in Yerevan. Studied in Leiptsig, St.Petersburg, Kiev. In 1921-1946 lived in Iran.

Abrahamian Sarkis Avetisi

Comments: Armenian writer and public figure. Born in 1915 in Shosh vil., died in Stepanakert in 1969. Worked as Nagorny Karabakh District Party Secretary in 1955 - 1957.

Abrahamian Sergey Gjandgumi

Comments: Armenian linguist, Ph.D., professor. Born in 1925 in Nagorny Karabakh.Graduated Yerevan State University in 1950. Worked as the contemporary Armenian language Department Head in Armenian Academy Language Institute.

Abrahamian Varazdat Karapeti

Comments: Armenian serviceman, after the II world war statesman. Born in 1921 in Yerevan. Holder of all three degrees of Glory's order.

Abrahamian Volodya Ghazarosi

Comments: Armenian engineer, Ph.D., professor. Born in 1939 in Paraka vil. Nakhichevan district. Graduated Yerevan Polytechnical Institute in 1962. The Head of Department in the same institute since 1984.

Abrahamov Aivaz

Comments: Armenian public figure in XYIII century. Date of birth unknown, died in 1725. Was a colleague of another public figure Israel Ori.

Abu Abdalah

Comments: Arabian traveller, historian interested in Armenian history, lived in IX century. Dates of birth and death are unknown.

Abu L Fida

Comments: Arabian historian interested in Armenian history, lived in 1273 - 1332.

Abu Asid

Comments: Assirian doctor, lived in XII century in Kilikia (Armenia).


Comments: Volcanic mountain massif in Akhlkalak district.

Abuladze Ilya Vladimir

Comments: Georgian linguist, interested in research of Armenian language, Ph.D., professor. Graduated Tiflis State University in 1929. Born in 1901, died in 1968.

Abuljan Armenak Gerasimi

Comments: Armenian statesman lived and worked in Georgia. Born in 1895, died in 1935 in Tiflis.

Abughamrents A. Grigor Church

Comments: Architectural monument in Ani (Armenia). Build in X century.


Comments: Prince of Sebastia (Armenia) in 1037 - 1080.


Comments: Arabian annalist of Armenian people and history lived in XII-XIII centuries.


Comments: Armenian king since 958 in Vaspurakan. Youngest son of Gagik Artsruni. Date of birth unknown, died in 968.

Acontz Nutsi

Comments: Romanian woman-artist, originally Armenian. Born in 1894, died in 1957 in Romania.

Acontz Stepanos

Comments: Armenian historian. Born in 1740, died in 1824 in Venice (St.Lazar isle).


Comments: Town founded in XIY century by Armenians. First name of the town is Tonikashen. At the end of XY century the town renamed by turks. During the genocide all armenians expelled from the town.

Adabi Ermanistan

Comments: Annual Journal published in Yerevan since 1957 in adrbejan language.

Adalian Norair

Comments: Armenian writer born in 1936 in Simferopol.

Graduated Yerevan State University in 1960.

Adalian Rouben

Comments: Armenian artist born in 1929 in Simferopol. Graduated from Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts in 1956.


Comments: Armenian town in Turkey, now renamed to Bashkale.

Adamgirk (Book about Adam and Eva)

Comments: Armenian manuscript written in middle ages by Arakel Sjunetsi.
Examples of the book are now available in Yerevan and Venice Matenadarans.

Adamian Arshak

Comments: Armenian music and art researcher. Born in 1884 in Baku, died in 1956 in Yerevan. Learned in Berlin (1904-1906). Graduated St.Petersburg University in 1910.

Adamian Gourgen

Comments: Armenian musician, cellist and composer. Born in 1911 in Odessa, died in 1987 in Yerevan. Graduated in Moscow (1937) and Yerevan (1932). People's artist of Armenia.

Adamian Levon

Comments: Armenian scientific worker, Ph.D., professor, economist.
Born in 1929 in Shamshadin district of Armenia. Graduated in Moscow (1953).

Adamian Karapet

Comments: Armenian artist. Born in 1872 in Konstantinopolis, died in Paris in 1947.

Adamian Karlen

Comments: Armenian physician, cardiologist, Ph.D., professor. Born in 1937 in Leninakan (Gyumri).

Adamian Hayk

Comments: Armenian public figure in labor motion at the beginning of XX century. Born in 1878 in Trabzon, died in Detrojt (USA) in 1918.

Adamian Hovhannes

Comments: Armenian engineer. The inventor of color TV. Born in 1879 in Baku, died in Leningrad in 1932, buried in Yerevan. Learned in Germany and Switzerland. First time in London in 1928 took place experimental color TV showing based on Adamian's tricolor principle.

Adamian Petros

Comments: Armenian well-known actor. Born in 1849 and died in Konstantinopolis in 1891.

Adamian Satenik

Comments: Armenian actress. Born in 1875 in Tiflis, died in Baku in 1915.

Adamian Vadim

Comments: Armenian scientist, Ph.D., professor. Born in 1938 in Odessa. Graduated University of Odessa city in 1961. Since 1979 worked as the Chief of Theoretical Physics Department of Odessa University.

Adamian sisters

Comments: Armenian musicians, piano duet players. First sister - Heghine born in 1881 in Baku, died in Germany in 1960, the second sister - Yevgine born in 1883 in Baku, died in Paris in 1945.

Both learned in Germany and Switzerland (1900-1908).

Adamian taterakhumb (theatrical group)

Comments: Armenian theater in Aleppo, based in 1961.

Adamov Arthur

Comments: Armenian, born in 1908 in Kislovodsk. From 1928 lived in France. Theatrical annalyst, died in 1970 in Paris.

Real name is Adamian Harutjun.


Comments: Armenian town in Kilikia (Y century). Now located in Turkey, no Armenians live there since 1923.

Adanai grchutian kentron (center of manuscripts)

Comments: The center of manuscripts in armenian town of Adana. Acted in XII-XVIII centuries. Some of manuscripts from Adana are now in Yerevan Matenadaran (Ancient Manuscripts Institute).


Comments: Armenian historian. Date of birth and death are unknown. Wrote a fundamental monography "History of Armenia" in IY century, which was translated in many languages also in the Middle Ages.


Comments: Armenian historian. Date of birth and death are unknown. Lived in XIII century.


Comments: A family of lizards.


Comments: Mineral, semiprecious stone. Widespread in Armenia.


Comments: Settlement in Armenia on the bank of the river Araks. Based in 1949.


Comments: Cultivated field in Armenia.


Comments: Village in Kars district, in Western Armenia, now in Turkey.

Agarak Copper&Molibden Industrial Complex

Comments: Founded in 1950.

Agarak Copper-Field

Comments: Known from 1853.

Agapian Maidenly College

Comments: Founded in 1869 in Konstantinopolis.


Comments: Ancient Armenian town. Rich of architectural monuments (XI-XYIII centuries).

Agulisi aghet (the Destruction of Agulis)

Comments: Destruction of Ancient Armenian town by Atrpatakan war troops in 1752.

Agulisi barbar (the Dialect of Agulis)

Comments: Armenian language dialect born in ancient Armenian city of Agulis.

Agulisi grchutian kentron (the Center of manuscripts)

Comments: Center of manuscripts acted in ancient Armenian city of Agulis in XIY-XVIII centuries. Some of that manuscripts keeped safe now in Yerevan Ancient Manuscripts Institute - Matenadaran.

Agulisi Haykanushjan oriordats dprots (Hajkanushian maidenly school of Agulis)

Comments: Maidenly school acted in ancient Armenian city of Agulis from 1867 till 1915.

Agulisi hayots hogevor dprots (Armenian spiritual school of Agulis)

Comments: Spiritual school acted in ancient Armenian city of Agulis from 1867 till 1909.