Armenian republican telecommunication information computer center "Search" offers managers of organizations, enterprises and firms, centres of managers and businessmen training developed first in the world practice the system of computer graphic design and evaluation of the management staff's characteristics "Voronoum" fit for any computer types, copatible with IBM. The "Voronoum" system allows to:

    • realize by original technology in short time and without high expenses certification and selection, reduction, promotion and distribution of management staff;

    • create a team of like-minded persons, which can work efficiently, qualified and competitevely in market terms;

    • reveal perspective for increasing efficiency of the management staff activitiy;

    • determine optimal training methods, retraining and increasing of management staff qualification on concrete directions of activity and many other points.

    "Voronoum" system realizes new methodics of computer questioning of the management staff, dialogue graphic reflection and analysis of the integrated valuation of personal business and political characteristics. In the base of the methodics lie clear integrated portraits of staff images, its leading parts and managers themselves. The Portrait image is a curving line of qualities distribution due to "votes" gathered, which is made as a result of a collective's polling data, imitating voting.
    Graphic portraits of managers allows to distinguish easily and quickly peculiarities in managers characteristics, fix dynamics of changes, conduct effective analysis and synthesis of characteristics urgent for certain management tasks, make comparison in candidates characteristics for selection. The system proposed is sultable also for social diagnosis, study of social-psychological climate in staffs and consideration of structure of personal interrelations. The "Voronoum" system is recommended to be used for base data, base creation regarding management staff, where information about creative, intellectual and professional potential of managers would be included. It is suitable also for professiograms designing, professional-qualified models, and also for voting results forecast.
    Working languages are: Armenian, Russian, English.

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