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1.       Project Director: Aslanyan Susanna     ASG2002_I
Organization: State Engineering University of Armenia
Project Description: Creation and organization of a distance-learning course entitled "Using Excel's Financial Functions" for the students and alumni of the State Engineering University of Armenia as well as other finance/economics/ accountant students in the region. The increasing use of computers in Armenia in finance related jobs makes it important to give people the skills to use Excel's financial functions and will make their accounting practices much easier and more efficient, equipping them to make faster and more informed financial decisions.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/excel

2.       Project Director: Devrikyan Rubina     Community Connections 2002, Yerevan, ASG2002_II
Organization: "Armenian Business" SME Association
Project Description: The proposed project will create a web site for the Armenian Business Association for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME). This site will provide an organizational profile, a membership directory, a profile on various sectors of the Armenian economy, online information on SMEs, business news, and links other Armenian business associations and funding opportnities for SMEs. This site will fulfill and important and timely need for Armenian business associations by facilitating communication, partnerships, and alliances with similar foreign organizations.
URL: http://www.iatp.irex.am/grants/sme/

3.       Project Director: Gharibyan Grigor     Yerevan, TSG2002_II
Organization: Yerevan State University
Project Description: Professors from Yerevan State University's Department of Economics will create an online textbook devoted to the topic of Transitional Economies. There are no textbooks in Armenian that focus on this topic, so the website will serve as an important resource for teachers and students. The website will include theory and lecture notes, examples and statistics from the Armenian economy, terminology, and useful links to other online resources.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/textbook

4.       Project Director: Melkonyan Gevorg     TSG2002_I
Organization: NGO "Gitak" Information Analytical Center
Project Description: An e-commerce project that involves developing new courses on the subject for educational purposes in Armenia. The website created will serve as an information tool on e-business in Armenia and beyond and will eventually be targeted to use in distance learning projects.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/e-courses

5.       Project Director: Sukiasyan Aram     P_2001_III
Organization: NGO Gyumri Economic Consulting Society
Project Description: Training in using the Internet in marketing. The applicants are planning to develop and administer courses on the use of the Internet in marketing. The courses will be taught in 6 different regions. The courses will be offered to representatives of small business enterprises. The goal of the training is to explain and encourage the use of the Internet in marketing.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/eco