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The first Armenian package of programmes for managers and businessmen.

    Integrated package " Eutiun " consists of such necessary for business application instrumental means as a powerful text processor, programme for electronic tables analysis with the opportuning of business graphics use, data base, communication programme, electronic mail service, and also a detail and convenient system of prompting. Package "Eutiun" provides many opportunities, such as the usage of overlapping slots (ports), size of which is changeable. The picture on the monitor (display) corresponds to the picture on the printer without any distortions. A preliminary reading of the page of the text before printing is possible. The package also includes improved means of printing output, built-in separate modules, such meansas a calculator, telephone directory with automatic dialing, calendar - planner, archaive - card - index, automatic dictionaries (Armenian English - Russian), " alarm - clock ", reminding of important events and a note - book. Besides, the package consists of an improved system of files regulation, making the work of tne means much easier. It helps to write quickly and nicely, avoiding the repetition of the same cliches. There exits also means of automatic spelling control in the text processor. The user momentarily changes numerical data into different types of business, commercial graphs, sector, linear, column diagrams and histogram. With the help of " Eutiun " practically a personal computer transform into a table (desk) publishing system.

    Package " Eutiun " can be used by:

    • managers of all levels;

    • brokers, stock - brokers, banks;

    • acquaintance services, flat exchange bureaus;

    • supply departments, sale and marketing departaments of any enterprises;

    • farmers and owners of individual and family enterprises;

    • owners of shares and other securities;

    • journalists, doctors, diplomats, lawyers, advocates, people of free professions;

    • secondary schools, technical colleges, institutes, managers' improvement skills courses.

    Package " Eutiun " may become a very convenient subsidiary means for firms, enterprises, ministries, departments and executive organs management. To work with " Eutiun " a personal computer of IBM PC type is needed, or any other computer compatable with it having an operative memory not less than 512 kb. Programme means package " Eutiun " allows to prepare and maintain a business correspondence in three languages: Armenian, Russian and English.