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State Management

Computerization of Functions of the State Management in Armenia [in Russian]

Cybernetics of the Society [in English and Russian]

Management and Culture [in Russian]

Modern Technologies of Management [in Russian]

Virtual Technologies of Management [in Russian]

Constitutional Control

Constitutional Court in the System of the State Power
(comparative analysis)
[in Russian]

The Constitutional Review and its Development in the Modern World
(A Comparative Constitutional Analysis)

From Constitution to Constitutionalism [in Armenian, Resumes in Russian and English]

Information Technologies

7 years of Web Site of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia [in Armenian]

The Comparative Analysis of Quality and Demand of IATP Internet Resources (administered by IREX and Project Harmony)
[in Russian]

Information Technologies and Democratization of Management (e-govrnment) [in Russian]

Information Technologies in Legal Activites (in the system of public service) [in Russian]

Internet Legal Information Provision in Armenia [in Armenian]

Rating of Armenian Governmental Internet Resources [in Russian]

Rating of Armenian Internet Resources [in Russian]

Rating of Internet Resources in the Constitutional justice sphere [in Russian]

System "Voronum" New computers technology for analysis, comparison, synthesis of legal information [in Armenian, Russian and English]

Virtual Technologies of Management [in Russian]

"Voronoum" Computer System of Integrated Evaluation of the Management Staff's Characteristics

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