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1.       Project Director: Abazyan Nonna     FSA/FLEX 1996-1997, Vanadzor RMG2002_II
Organization: Individual
Project Description: The proposed project is intended to contribute to the development of tourism to the Lori region of Armenia. Project would entail photographing historic sites in the region, then posting them on the Internet along with the histories of each site.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/tourism

2.       Project Director: Adamyan Alissa     TSG2002_I
Organization: "Benik Petrosyan" Cultural Center
Project Description: Information resource on Armenian artists that includes a database of 50 young local artists and pictures of these artists' works. There will also be the opportunity to participate in on-line chats and forums so that artists can share ideas and information.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/armart

3.       Project Director: Avagyan Ashot     Sisian, RMG2002_II
Organization: Individual
Project Description: Create a website which focuses on terrorism and its impact on the minds of children. The proposed website consists of pictures drawn by the children of the "Sisian Art School," in expression of what "terror" means to children.
URL: http://www.iatp.irex.am/grants/terrorism/

4.       Project Director: Avetisyan Seyran     ASG2002_I
Organization: Regional municipality
Project Description: Creation of a local Internet resource on the Syunik Region of Armenia. The site will include information about city administration, geography, climate, culture, rural areas, monuments and the people.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/syunikregion

5.       Project Director: Balasanyan Seyran     Community Connections 2001, Kapan, ASG2002_II
Organization: State Engineering University of Armenia
Project Description: This project will allow Seyran to conduct a major reconstruction of the Syunik region web site located at: www.syunik.am. Currently this site contains information culture, education, economy, health of the Syunik region. This site also contains a map of the region, a chat function, and a search engine. This project will help to update existing information and add additional sections on tourism, ecology, science, and municipal and federal government bodies.
URL: http://www.syunik.am/

6.       Project Director: Demoyan Hayk     TSG2002_I
Organization: Center of political and regional researches
Project Description: Construction of a site to promote youth tourism in Armenia. The purpose of the website is to encourage youth to get interested in tourism by making popular the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Armenia and by including information about Armenian traditions, architecture, language, art and monuments.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/youthtourism

7.       Project Director: Gasparyan Marietta     P_2001_II
Organization: Union of Architects of Armenia, Yerevan
Project Description: Creation of web site entitled "Historical Yerevan"
URL: http://www.iatp.am/old_yerevan

8.       Project Director: Gasparyan Marietta     Yerevan, TSG2002_II
Organization: Individual
Project Description: The proposed website will include text and illustrations outlining the development of 20th century architecture, historical buildings, and the architects that designed them. The project will analyze Soviet architecture and benefit architects and students.
URL: http://www.iatp.am/modernarch

9.   Project Director: Gasparyan Vahe     Yerevan, TSG2002_II
Organization: Individual
Project Description: The website will include photos and descriptions of Armenian traditional national dress from the cities of Yerevan, Gyumri, and Shushi. The site will acquaint visitors with Armenian folk art and traditions and include the work of Flori Grigoryan, who has worked to preserve traditional Armenian costumes.
URL: http://www.iatp.am/culture/taraz

10.   Project Director: Gevorkyan Ruben     P_2001_I
Organization: Yerevan Physics Institute
Project Description: MP3-site: Armenian Music
URL: http://mp3.musichall.am/

11.   Project Director: Gevorkyan Ruben     P_2001_II
Organization: Yerevan Physics Institute
Project Description: Creation of web site entitled "Armenian Music II"
URL: http://mp3.musichall.am/

12.   Project Director: Gevorkyan Svetlana     P_2001_I
Organization: "Zardarvest" Ltd. Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts
Project Description: Electronic Academy of Arts in Armenia
URL: http://www.iatp.am/yafa

13.   Project Director: Hambardzumyan Tigran     TSG2002_I
Organization: Individual
Project Description: Creation of a "Virtual Armenia" website which covers all of the regions in Armenia, their geographic position, population and traditions. Each region will also have a virtual photo gallery and political map.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/virtualarmenia

14.   Project Director: Harutyunyan Anna     TSG2002_I
Organization: Individual
Project Description: Creation of an on-line Internet art gallery based in the theme "anti-terrorism" since the terrible acts of September 11th. This is in an effort to use art as an expression of humanitarianism and anti-violence. The content will include women and peace, children and peace, satire and caricatures, symbols and animation.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/anti-terror

15.   Project Director: Karagulyan Hegkine     Yerevan, RMG2002_II
Organization: Armradio
Project Description: "The Great Friends of the Armenian Nation" project features famous foreign figures who have worked to preserve the Armenian nation and Armenia. The site will highlight the background and activities of these figures, which include politicians, missionaries, scientists, writers, poets, and humanists such as H. Morgentau, F. Nanses, H. Linch, and G. Bajron.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/greatfriends

16.   Project Director: Karapetyan Ara     RMG2002_I
Organization: "Center of Educational and Cultural Initiatives" NGO
Project Description: Creation of an on-line children's art gallery. Children's artwork is not well represented on the Internet although it is developing into a dynamic field of Armenian culture. The gallery will consist of works created by children aged 5-15.
URL: http://www.iatp.am/culture/childrenart

17.   Project Director: Khachatryan Ani     P_2001_II
Organization: Gyumri Basic High School
Project Description: Internet Club of Gyumri Basic High School and creation of web site "Armenian Tales"
URL: http://www.iatp.am/culture/buklets/tales.htm

18.   Project Director: Khachatryan Ani     Gyumri, RMG2002_II
Organization: Individual
Project Description: This project is the continuation of an earlier IATP-supported project, in which schoolchildren participated in the creation of the "Armenian Tales" website and CD. The proposal seeks to add dialogue and music to expand "Armenian Tales" into a multimedia offering.
URL: http://www.iatp.am/culture/buklets/tales.htm

19.   Project Director: Kocharyan Lilit     RMG2002_I
Organization: Individual
Project Description: This Internet project will consist of several different pages that take users on an anthropological and geological adventure. The first page will contain an image of the earth and from this page visitors may enter his or her preferred mountain region where Armenian rocks and artifacts are found. There will also be a brief explanation of the region and will include not only information about Armenians but about Hetitian, Indian, and Egyption.
URL: http://www.iatp.am/ara/sites/gaghap

20.   Project Director: Manukyan Suren     Yerevan, TSG2002_II
Organization: Yerevan State University
Project Description: The website will outline participation of Armenians in World War II, including information about the Armenian units, generals and heroes in both in Soviet army and the Allied forces. There is no Internet site containing similar information on this theme. The site will promote comprehensive representation of Armenia's struggle with a fascism during World War II and will contain photographs and maps, details regarding significant battles and operations, and links to other resources about World War II.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/worldwar2

21.   Project Director: Martirosyan Mary     TSG2002_I
Organization: "Saak Partev - Papyan"LTD
Project Description: The "Armenian Tomar (Style)" project is aimed at reviving a sense of national consciousness in Armenia and in the Armenian Diaspora abroad by creating a popular science and educational website. This virtual encyclopedia will present knowledge of Armenian traditions, ceremonies, customs, numerology, mythology, astrology, and modern and ancient calendars. The site will become an international center on Armenia.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/tomar

22.   Project Director: Maroukian Hrachik     P_2001_II
Organization: Gushar Ltd.
Project Description: Creation of web site dedicated to the historic-architectural monuments and the sights of the region of Lori
URL: http://www.lori.am/GUSHAR/

23.   Project Director: Petrosyan Arthur     P_2001_
Organization: National Academy of Sciences
Project Description: Creation of a web server for the National Gallery of Armenia
URL: http://www.gallery.am/

24.   Project Director: Sargssyan Khachanush     TSG2002_I
Organization: Yeghegnadzor State College
Project Description: The project, called "Against Crimes Towards Humanity," is to raise public awareness of such crimes through youth and art. It is to help educate youth on the fight against war and terrorism by encouraging them to use art as a means of expression. The drawings the children produce will be part of the website, along with information about terrorism and ways to combat it.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/against

25.   Project Director: Sargsyan Zarmik     Yerevan, RMG2002_II
Organization: Amradio
Project Description: This website will highlight those Armenians who live and work outside of Armenia and the contributions they have made to these countries. The site will include information on individuals such as the "Roman Hippocrates" Georgo Armano Baylivi, creator of the green color of the American dollar; Khachatur Serobyan, well-known architect of Turkey Sinan; and Gohar-Gan, the star of Indian movies.
URL: http://iatp.irex.am/grants/50armenian

26.   Project Director: Sarkissyan Satenik     Yerevan, RMG2002_II
Organization: Republican Scientific - Technical Library
Project Description: Creation of website to promote the works of Ara Sarkisan and Hakob Kodjoyan, people's artist of Armenia with the purpose of promoting the popularization of Armenia culture.
URL: http://www.iatp.am/ara/sites/kojoyan_sarksyan