Digital manual of audiovisual course of  Western Armenian
(in Armenian, Italian, French and English, multimedia)

The course proposes the Western variant of modern Armenian, and pays careful attention to the typical instances of a living and evolving language as much as to the grammatical accuracy and expressive properties. Moreover, we adopted a methodology of making the didactic units more accessible by way of amusing, humorous and stimulating scenes, confiding that these will challenge a major interest and will be assimilated more easily. The course has two parts.

This manual, which is indispensable for a correct and fruitful use of the video course, is divided into three parts: 1) dialogues; 2) grammar explanations; 3) glossary.

The dialogues in the manual follow exactly the order of the scenes of the video course and immediately precede the grammatical units. These latter also follow the order of the scenes and correspond with the dialogues of one or more scenes that they immediately follow. Glossary is put at each page and gives the meaning of each word or expression in three languages (English, French, Italian).

The meaning of all grammatical terms in the manual is immediately given in brackets in three languages. The translations of the titles appear on the video film at the beginning of each unit.

Taking into account the purely didactic character of this course, the transcription of foreign names and lemmas is given following the Western Armenian phonetics preferentially, and wherein possible, for aspirated consonants (since these are pronounced in the same way in both the variants of modern Armenian, Western and Eastern).

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