Electronic catalog presenting the Armenian National Costumes (for men, women, children and etc.) with descriptions. Presented the Armenian Costumes of the XVIII-XX centuries from Historical territory of Armenia.

Catalog contains and represents kinds of national applied art of Armenia, where the rich art of the national costume and the century heritage of the national art. This kind of art is opened, passed from generation to generation, has kept not only tradition, but also spirit, culture, originality of the nation. The project consists of the works of the known Armenian painter Flora Groigoryan. During many years the painter studied and restored Armenian National Costumes of the 19-20th centuries.

In the project included the costumes of Yerevan, Gyumri, Shushi, Van and clergy. In this works especially are brightly underlined riches of means of expressiveness Armenian National Costumes - from quality of a material up to multiform of ornaments.

Each area of Armenia is distinguished with its rich decorations. Each of the costumes (womenís, menís or children's) is carefully investigated both from the historical and the creative point of view.

The project included detailed summaries, submitted the description of costumes and common view of development of the Armenian National Costumes of 19-20th centuries and there is also photo, representing the Armenian life in these centuries.

Our project is very valuable for the fashion designers, artists, sculptors, directors of theatres and cinemas, museums, art galleries, video shows, etc.

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