(in English, in  East and Weast Armenian)

The tale confirms the sense of being just and love for kindness, to educate the boldness of the thought and the bravery of the imagination. The man needed these features during all ages, and they are much more necessary nowadays, because this is the time of unknown deeds and discoveries. But all the discoveries, big or small, begin from “Once, upon a time…”

A  fairy  tale  is  considered  to  be  a  very  deep  and  developed  falsehood.  Through  fairy  tales  has  been  developed  people’s  strive  for  rich  imagination  and  artistic  creation. A  tale  requires creative  imagination  on  the  part  of  the  listener.  Sometimes  the  most  daring  fairy  inventions  become  reality.  The  Armenian  tales  with  their  varied  magic,  adventurous  and  humorous  trends  occupy  an  important  place  in  the  world’s  Literative  of  fairy  tales.  Let’s  imagine  the  Armenian  children  in  the  era  of  modern  informational inexhaustible  resources!  As  in  most  of  the  cases  the  information  is  available  only  in  English  there  arises  the  need  of  getting  certain  interesting  data  in  the  Armenian  language,  otherwise  the  information  and  pictures,  concerning  singers,  film-stars  and  sportsmen  will  lose  their  charm  as  there  is  no  any  educational  factor  in  them.

The project created by Ani Khachatryan with the students of 14-16 years old.

This time they have made up their minds to create an illustrated site, having no analogy and called “tales”. Pictures, painted according to the tales, by 10-16 years old teenagers of the Drawing Department of the Gyumri National Art Centre.

The project includes 27 tales with text and sound.

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