In the computer database of rock art "KAREDARAN" there are more than 30 thousands images in mountains of Armenia in VII-I millennium BC, on from 2 up to 3,5 thousand meters above sea-level.

Overwhelming majority of these images of an ancient civilization creation has never been published before and is presented for wide use for the first time. The structure of images database includes the following sections: astronomy, cosmic phenomena, mythology, calendars, trade, mythical worship symbols and images, the animal kingdom hunting, cattle-breeding, religion (Bible), cartography, notion of life, alphabetic letters appearances, pictograms, anatomy, agriculture, notes musical (khazes), dances, family, maternity, sensuality, everyday life, love. Priceless treasures are collected in the database, notions of knowledge, experience and history of an ancient civilization, thousands of pages of the unique stone encyclopaedia of a biblical nation.

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