1700th Anniversary of Christianity Adoption in Armenia

This is an unique CD-ROM, dedicated to the 1700th anniversary of Christianity in Armenia.

You will find a number of informative materials on CD, which, according to the authors, reflect the events of the old days. Biblical scenaries, reflecting the happenings on the territory of Armenia, are included in the disk content. Architectural, fine arts and literature monuments, which have been created for centuries by Armenian arts men in honor of God, Jesus Christ, and have been preserved to nowadays, are also presented.

The material is created with the use of modern multimedia technologies and presented in a video form. It is accompanied with texts (in Armenian and English), music of the immortal works of Komitas, performed by talented and unforgettable Lusine Zakarian, and the cosmic melodies of Jack Michel Jar.

On the disk you will find historic maps and photo materials, listen to the Armenian national anthem and wander along the streets of Yerevan, make tours to the Armenian churches, take part in the religious celebrations, and enjoy the scene of Biblical Ararat.

The disk can be used for academic purposes as an additional informative-reference material.

Contact Information:
E-mail: itdep@concourt.am