I was born in October 13, 1984 in Yerevan.
From 1990 to 1991 I attended to kindergarten and simultaneously went in for skating.
In 1991 I went to School No. 129 after Gay in Yerevan, where I studied till 4th class. I attended to piano class simultaneously.
In 1995 our family left for russia. Ther I studied at School No. 6 in Pereslvl Zalesk ( 4th and 5th classes ). And there I entered the local School of Art (drawing) for children.
In 1996 we came back to Yerevan. I continued my education at School No. 129 after Gay, and my drawing education I continued at Yerevan School of Art after Hakob Kojoyan. At the sam time I went in for dancing and further in for swimming.
I have studied my 9th and 10th classes at Art Educational Complex No. 15 after Hakob Kojoyan. After graduation in 2001 I entered Yerevan State Academy of Art, faculty of Computer Art Design where I study at present.
My family consists of four members: my father, mother, brother and me.
E-mail: Arminka84@yahoo.com

Ivan Aivazovsky belongs to those artists who has spoken by the numerous specialists and eye - witness. In addition to their opinions I would like to express my own thoughts on this subject.
Aivazovsty is the artist whose creative activity inspires me to my heart of hearts. Learning at the Art Academy I take many opportunities to study the works of the greatest armenian anol foreign artists. Believe me that there is no painter who can rivals with Aivazovsky in painting the sea. Nobody could resemble the water's transparency, purity and depth as Aivazovsky passes to his marine landscapes.
In my opinion Aivazovsky is a geniuses whose Art heritage will be worshipped for many generations.