TO Mr. MURRAY     Venice, June 8th, 1817 

    The Library with the section of Armenian manuscripts. 

    There are some very curious Mss. in the monastery, 
as  well as books; translations also from
    Greek originals, now lost,  and from Persian and Syriac etc. 
    Byron to Moore Dec. 5th, 1816. 

he present letter will be delivered to you by two Armenian friars, on their way, by England,  to Madras.  They  will  also convey some copies, of the grammar, which  I think you  agreed  to take. If you can be of any use  to   them,  either  amongst  your naval or East Indian  acquaintances,  I hope  you  will  so  far oblige  me, as   they  and  their  order  have  been  remarkably attentive  and friendly towards me since my  arrival  at  Venice. Their  names  are  Father  Sukias  Somalian  and  Father   Sarkis Teodorosian. They speak  Italian,  and probably   French, or a little English. Repeating earnestly my   recommendatory  request, believe me, very truly, yours,  Byron. Perhaps you can help them to their passage, or give or  get them letters for India. 

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