TO Mr. MURRAY     Venice Dec. 9th, 1816

"Of the lost line of gods he seemed to be, 
An eagle in  the heaven of poesy". 

    Ch. R.  Cammell: 
"To the Armenian Fathers at Venice". 

am begun, and am proceeding in, a study of  the Armenian language, which I acquire, as well  as I  can,  at  the  Armenian convent, where I go every day  to  lake  lessons  of  a  learned friar*, 
and  have  gained  some  singular   and   not   useless information with regard to the literature and customs  of  that oriental people. They have an establishment here, a  church  and convent of ninety monks, very learned and accomplished men, some of them. They have also a  press, and make great efforts for  the enlightening of their nation. I  find  the  language  (which  istwin, the literal and the vulgar) difficult, but not  invincible (at least, I hope not). I shall go on. I found
it  necessary  to twist my mind round some severer study, and this, as  being  the hardest I could    devise here, will be a file for the serpent. 

* R. P. Paschal Dr. Aucher 

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