BIOGR. NOTES. LETT. N522  TO LADY***   May 17th, 1823 

   Hucknall Church, 
Nottinghamshire Byron's last resting-place 

e had, previous to this conversation, presented to each of the party some little farewell gift - a  book to  one,  a  print from his bust by Bartolini to another, and to Lady B** a copy of his Armenian Grammar, which had some manuscript remarks  of  his own on the leaves. 

In now parting with her, having begged, as  a memorial, some  trifle which she had worn, the lady gave him  one of her rings; in return for which he took a pin from his breast, containing a small cameo of Napoleon,  which  he  said  had  long been his companion, and presented it to her ladyship. 

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