TO Mr. MURRAY     Venice, March 31st, 1818 


Archibishop Akontz Kiuver 
(The 3rd Abbot General) 

 "The Superior of the friars is a bishop, and 
a fine old fellow, with the beard of a meteor". 
 Byron to Murray, Venice, Dec. 27th, 1816. 

id I tell you that I have translated  two  Epistles?  -  a correspondence between St. Paul and the Corinthians,  not  to  be found in our version, but the Armenian - but which seems  to  me very orthodox, and I have done it into scriptural prose English. 

    The only plausible claim of these Epistles to authenticity arises from the circumstance of St. Paul  having  (according  to the opinion of Mosheim and others) written  an  Epistle  to  the Corinthians, before that which we now call his first. They  are, however, universally given up  as spurious.  Though  frequently referred to ac  existing  in  the  Armenian,  by  Primate  Usher, Iohan, Gregorius, and other learned men, they were for the first time, I believe,  translated  from  that  language  by  the  two Whistons, who subjoined the correspondence,  with  a  Greek  and Latin version, to their edition of the Armenian History of Moses Chorone, published in 1736. - The translation by Lord Byron  is,  as far as I can learn, the first that has ever been attempted in English; and as,  proceeding from his pen, it  must  possess,  of course, additional interest, the reader will not  be  displeased to find it in the Appendix. Annexed to the copy in my possession are the following words, in his own  hand-writing:  - "Done  into English by me, January, February, 1817, at the  Convent  of  San Lazaro, with the aid  exposition of  the  Armenian  text  by  the Father Paschal Aucher, Armenian friar - BYRON. I  had  also  (he adds) the Latin text, but it is in many places corrupt, and with great omissions". 

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