TO Mr. MURRAY     Venice, January 27th, 1818 

  Byron studying the Armenian language 
   "It is a rich language, and would amply repay any  one 
thetrouble of learning it".Byron to Moore, Dec. 5th, 1816.
y Father - that is, my Armenian father, Padre  Pasquale  - in the name of all the other fathers of our Convent,  sends  you the  enclosed  greeting.  -  Inasmuch  as  it  has  pleased  the translators of the long lost and lately - found portions of the text of Eusebius to put forth the enclosed prospectus, of  which I send six copies, you are hereby implored to obtain subscribers in  the  two  Universities,  and  among  the  learned, and  the unlearned who would unlearn their ignorance. -  This  they  (the Convent) request, I request, and do you request. 

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