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About Anna

Looking at the pictures of childhood created by Anna Harutyunyan, you feel her compositional mind, bright expressionism based on Armenian fairy tales. No matter whether it is a national fairy tale or a story from everyday life - all of them are colored with national decorative-ornamental heroes created with great taste.

Every composition from those years seems to be a special world created only by her. Being 6 years old, Anna was already trying to create one of Armenian ethnographical images out of clay as a ceramic sculpture covered with glazer taken from her own fairy tale compositions, carrying out the technical process with her tiny palms, with great confidence in her righteousness. Being 8 years old, Anna considered herself mature and independent in her thoughts, and there followed new series of national fairy tale ceramic figures parallel with pictures and natural art works.

The Esthetics Center of Child Education, which is still headed by Henrikh Igityan, used to organize exhibitions of the students (by the way, from 6 years old Anna had been a student of the Center, where her first instructor had become her mother: artist-ceramist Ernestina) both in the Yerevan Museum of Child Work and in various cities and countries of the world, and Anna was an active participant. And when H. Igityan came to the studio to choose works for the next exhibition, most of the works he picked up from the floor appeared to be Anna's. Learning about that, he always exclaimed: "Again Anna!" After many years, being present at one of the exhibitions in Germany, he was recalling that.

Once Anna was taking part in a celebration near the memorial of Martiros Saryan, famous artist, surrounded by painting children from the Center of Child Education. The topic given was free composition with color gamma. Grigor Khanjyan was a member of the jury then. He, not being acquainted with the children, approached Anna and whispered: "Girl, you will become a famous artist".

Parallel with the Esthetics Center, studying in the 5th class, she was attending the child artistic school after A. Khojoyan. Later she graduated the school with excellent marks. She has also attended the music school after Sayat-Nova and still plays the piano very well, improvising the melody in jazz rhythm. She cannot imagine life without music. It gives her great motivation both in art and in life.

Theater life also plays a certain role in her life. From early childhood she used to organize child spectacles with her friends, making the costumes herself. After the earthquake in 1988 she organized several comedy spectacles together with the children suffered based on Hovhannes Tumanyan's fairy tales.

At the age of 15 she entered the Arts College after P. Terlemezyan, Department of Decoration, but after one year left for Germany together with her family. There she continued her activities, passing on to a new level. With getting more mature, her worldview changed and this influenced her future works. Having noticed her pictures, local organizers of exhibitions offered to present them to the public. The 19 years old girl was a little scared of having her first personal exhibition, but everything was fine: the charmed Germans even bought her works for personal collections.

Afterwards there was a flood of personal and group exhibitions, which also were a success and found approval of many famous German masters of art, politics, religion, etc. They really valued her as a talented young Armenian artist. Parallel with this, in 1997, Anna entered the North-Rion Westphalia Academy, Department of Arts. She was transferred to the 2nd year at once, and her works were highly approved by the students and professors of the Academy. Afterwards she was transferred to the class, where students studied for master's qualification. In 1998 Anna joined the Union of Artists of Germany. Not having finished the Academy, she was offered to teach in the Department of Arts.

Having finished the Academy by taking extern exams and getting all excellent marks, Anna returned to Armenia. Afterwards began a new stage of her activities: she joined the Union of Artist of Armenia in October 2000 and started to get prepared for her first personal exhibition in her native land, working all day long and creating new art works.

She had been dreaming about having a personal exhibition in Armenia from childhood and now the dream came true. In November 2000, accompanied by children's jazz orchestra, with bouquets of flowers and strings of silk to cut, the exhibition was announced opened. With amazed eyes the participants expressed their pleasure to see a new style in Armenian art. Anna was very happy to see their reaction and to realize that she opened a new stage in Armenian art history. Radio, TV and newspapers expressed their opinion about her amazing talent, saying that she would have a great investment in Armenian art. We all wish her success in her future endeavors and new masterpieces in art.

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